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Perry Marshall and Mike Rhodes – Display Network Bootcamp 2016

Sale Page: _http://perrymarshall.com/display

Product Price: $999


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It might be the MOST underutilized and underappreciated low-cost traffic channel.

And probably 90% of the marketers using it are leaving big money…and big traffic…on the table.

Are you letting your competition eat your buffalo?

Search is linear. Display is exponential.

I remember reading somewhere that the strategy for “We Are the World,” the star-studded charity song written back in the ‘80s, was “get people to hear about it 3 times from 3 different sources in 30 days.”

And PPC advertising is like that today. Except, instead of 3 times from 3 sources in 30 days, you need something like 30 times from 3 sources in 30 days!

You need your audience to think, “Wow, this guy is EVERYWHERE!”

This will be a central teaching tenant of PPC 2.0 in Planet Perry for the foreseeable future.

You must be…or APPEAR to be…everywhere!

And the thing I love most about the Display Network is, when you have a product that’s a fit (and many products do fit!), Google’s capacity to scale your traffic UP is almost frightening.

On the search network, there’s no such thing as “going viral.” But on the Display Network, Google is scanning the terrain for opportunities to show your ads on more and more and more sites.

You must tame the beast – but when you do, lemme tell you, when you hit that “viral” curve on Google Display Network, it’s a tremendous experience.


Justin Jackson – Marketing for Product People

Sale Page: https://justinjackson.ca/marketingforproductpeople/

Product Price: $195


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Tired of shipping projects that fail to get traction?

This book will teach you everything you need to get started:

  • How to build something people want
  • How to set up your website and analytics
  • How to build momentum before you launch
  • A launch plan and checklist
  • How to get more leads after you launch

Using step-by-step instructions, you'll learn market research tactics that help surface solid product ideas. Armed with this research, you'll be able to create your product with confidence, knowing that you're meeting a legitimate need. No more guessing!

You'll also learn how to grow a launch list from the moment you start building your product. Don't worry about launching to crickets. This time you'll have people waiting to purchase your product on day one.


Picture This: The Marketer’s Guide to Visual Content

Sale Page: http://www.marketingprofs.com/store/product/2216/picture-this-the-marketers-guide-to-visual-content

Product Price: $49


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Think of the Oscars selfie that almost broke Twitter, the street portraits on the Humans of New York photoblog, the Instagram takeover of pop culture: Images shape our world and our conversations. (Sometimes—as in the case of teenagers and Snapchat—they are the conversation.)

As storytelling becomes more and more part of marketing, visual content is developing into one of content marketing's most powerful assets. Brands are becoming more visual. They're making compelling updates on image-driven networks such as Pinterest and Instagram, and using photos, videos, infographics, and slideshows as storytelling devices to redefine their presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Visual content helps you connect with customers immediately and powerfully.

In this 21-page guide, you'll discover how visual content is upending the way brands communicate with their customers—and which brands are doing it best.

You will learn:

  • The types of visual content that cut through the digital noise to showcase your brand's personality
  • Tips on telling visual stories that drive emotional reactions
  • How to build relationships with your most engaged customers
  • ... and more!

Mozcon Local SEO – 2016

On May 11, 2016, in E-books & Course, by jacob

Mozcon Local SEO – 2016

Sale Page: _https://moz.com/mozcon-local

Product Price: $497


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Join us to deep dive into local marketing and SEO with industry experts and colleagues at MozCon Local. Informative for all levels, you’ll learn next-level tips and tricks for building content, getting citations, and optimizing SEO and local ranking factors as you attend talks, participate in live Q&A, and mix with fellow in-house and agency marketers, Yellow Pages publishers, and consultants. See you in Seattle!


Jovan Will – Online Seminar Sales Funnel

Sale Page: http://www.advisorinternetmarketing.com/online-sales-seminar-funnel-order

Product Price: $997


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Here's how the Online Seminar Sales System works:

The "Online Seminar Sales Funnel" is a 5-part, step-by-step (walk-you-by-the-hand) video training course, that is guaranteed to help you:

(1) Take any seminar presentation online (or any PowerPoint or KeyNote presentation for that matter)

(2) Drive free traffic to the video presentation (and even $.05 targeted views if you want to turbo-charge it)

(3) Build landing pages with no help from a web developer, and then how to build out the entire lead capturing and automated email sequence in just a few days.

Did we mention that we will teach you how to do the entire process from scratch?

Literally taking you by the hand and walking you through every single step. Even if you have no idea how to upload videos to YouTube, how to send an automated email, or how to get a landing page going.

We actually make the assumption in our comprehensive course that you have never done any of those things before.



My CPA ATM + The Free Money Club

On May 11, 2016, in E-books & Course, by jacob

My CPA ATM + The Free Money Club

Sale Page: http://tggworld.com/mycpaatm/

Product Price: $175


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This Training Product Contains:
Over 5 Hours Of Video STEP-By-STEP Training This Works For Affiliate/CPA/Any Business That Requires Paid Traffic Or Traffic In General - There Is A Strict NO REFUND Policy Due To This Being An Educational Product You Can't Return Knowledge... sorry.  Every Person Who Purchases Can Resell This Training Or The Bundle Bonus For 50% Commision Paid Out Via Jvzoo Via Paypal.


Declan O’ Flaherty – First Class Product Creation

Sale Page: http://declanoflaherty.com/product-creation/

Product Price: $47


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What You'll Discover Inside F.C.P.C.S

How to replicate million dollar products that require absolutely no upfront knowledge (this may seem like a far reach, but believe me when I tell you: some of the most successful products are actually the easiest one's to create)

Why most product creators fail to get repeat business from their already existing customers - and how you will NEVER have to deal with this problem yourself (believe it or not, the most money made on Information products is from selling multiple products to the same customers)

The NO-NONSENSE way to research what products are already selling like hot-cakes in your market - and how to find your unique hook to tap into an already existing money spending buyer marketplace (why huff-and-puff looking for new ways to invent the wheel, when all the hard work has been done already?)

How you can create a high value product in less than an hour that's perceived as a much higher quality product than most eBooks (seriously, it constantly amazes me how many people don't do this)

The ONLY way to structure and outline a first-class product that actually forces your customer to take action and get a result from your product (remember, if they don't take action with your content, they won't buy from you again and you'll lose a lot of money because of it)

Why it's a MYTH that you have to focus on a narrow niche when creating an information product (marketers have done a great disservice by perpetuating this lie)

How nearly all product creators over-complicate the process when creating products - and why it downgrades the quality of their content

The simple 6 step process to researching, creating and distributing your products that sell for triple the price of an eBook that take longer to create (eBooks are great, but they are the least valued products and much, much harder to create than the one I'm talking about here)

How to not only create all types of products, but also how to design and edit your products for maximum leverage And much more, including bonuses


Ben Settle & Jonathan Rivera – The Podcast Factory – Podcasting 101

Sale Page: http://thepodcastfactory.com/buy-p101/

Product Price: $47


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Adam Dukes – Smashify

On May 11, 2016, in E-books & Course, by jacob

Adam Dukes – Smashify

Sale Page: http://www.adam-dukes.com/smashify-sales/

Product Price: $97


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Shopify is a complete e-commerce solution that will allow you to create an online store to sell goods to people all across the world. It will let you easily set up your store, organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, and even track and respond to orders with ease. All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse and you’ll be setup in no time.

Plus, your store will LOOK PROFESSIONAL and it will be EASY TO PURCHASE from for buyers.

“Out of all the Shopify Courses online, WHY should you listen to a 34 year old stay at home dad like me anyway?”

Smashify: How To Build a Six Figure E-Commerce Store In 90 Days
Without Sacrificing Your Money, Your Sanity or Your Reputation
Inside the Smashify Online Training, you’ll get full access to 4 powerful video modules that will walk you through everything you’ll need to know to get your own Shopify store up and running quickly and successfully.

These 4 modules will include:
MODULE #1: The Risk Free Path of E-Commerce Success
MODULE #2: Get On The Fast Track To Success With Shopify
MODULE #3: An Explosion of Niches and Profitable Ideas
MODULE #4: Mastering Facebook Ads To Maximize Profits

In each video module (which is roughly 60-80 minutes in length), I’ll ONLY focus on the information you need, minus the fluff and filler that most courses provide. I’m not a fan of video courses that ramble on and on for hours, and I’m sure you’re not either.

Everything you will need will be nicely compiled into 4 modules only.


Joe Polish – Rich Cleaner Boot Camp

Sale Page: https://www.joepolish.com/rccregistration/rcbc09.php

Product Price: $997


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Included in the Home Study Course:

  • All the presentations from the Rich Cleaner Conference Boot Camp on DVD – every minute of the Conference captured on video for you to watch at your leisure (and as often as you like) – (it’s like you’re actually THERE!)
  • The Piranha Marketing 3 INCH THICK “MILLION DOLLAR MARKETING SECRET WEAPONS” Seminar Manual.  This is a massive resource filled with 100% PROVEN yellow pages ads, reference tools, special reports, marketing checklists, headlines, sales-letters, postcards, flyers, sales scripts, powerful van designs, and much more that are being used by many of the most successful cleaners and restorers on the planet…handed to you on a Silver-Platter!
  • The Business Blueprint Money-Making Magic Bullet…the “formula”…the “recipe”…the packet from last year’s “Better Your Best” Contest WINNER created for DOMINATING his (AND YOUR) local market, getting rich and fulfilling all their (AND YOUR) family dreams!
  • Online access to ALL the pre-event training offered to the Attendees prior to RCC including:
    • Strategies for "Contract Work." Create Your Own Busy Season & Higher Prices Better Clients
    • The full Speed Your Slow Season package including coaching calls and ready-made proven templates.
    • Marketing Strategies for Direct Mail:  using grabbers to skyrocket results; elements of newsletter techniques to maximize results from this #1 job generating tool; campaigns to drive new and repeat business.
    • Online Marketing Strategies - low & no-cost strategies to grow your company from the #1 expert in the world.
    • And MORE!
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