1 Click Image Creator Integrates, Improves & Simplifies Proven Money Maker

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Product Price: $14.95


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I just have to write this. I bought this Tuesday and after I downloaded, I tried to open the program but I was getting an error. So I emailed Daniel telling him my problem. We went back and forth with emails a couple of times and I thought okay I'm going to get the run around and probably going to have to request a refund. But to my surprise Daniel actually worked on solving my problem and got backed to me within the time frame he said he would (which I figured I would have to keep to emailing him to get any answers). Well I am here to say that this guy is top notch. Not only only did he say he would let me know with 24-48 hours of what he found, but he sends me the new download link with an updated version. So I downloaded and installed it and what do you know, it opens and everything is working. As I said in my opening, "WOW" I am ecstatic. I thought for sure it would be sometime next week if anything before I would hear from him.


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