$1,128 from the push of a button from just one of the people on this list

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What you want are people that can make it rain. You want people that can send you potentially hundreds of sales with the push of a button. I have sifted through the crappy mailers and are providing you with over 46 (and counting) people that can literally put hundreds to thousands of dollars in your pocket with a push of a button. I have taken all of the people that have risen to the top on my mailings and put them on this list. I have also joined every JV list I could have in the last two years and found out who every person was that finished in the top 5 of their respective JV. I have personally contacted every person in this product. I didn't just throw their name out there without them knowing.
Is this product every person that is a top mailer ? Of course not. In fact if you know of someone that is a top mailer that is not on this list let me know. There are some top mailers that I know of that didn't accept my invitation to put them in this product. And that is ok. This list is beyond any other list I have ever seen. In fact I don't know of any product that has done this before. Will you potentially know some of these people ? Sure. Will you know all of them ? I guarantee you won't as I have spent a huge amount of time uncovering these people. A lot of them are not "big names" on the forum but I could care less. Some of them are big names. What I care about and what you should care about is results. The people on this list get it done. They make it happen. I am so very thankful for many of the relationships I have established from this list. I hope you get to have that joy of making thousands of dollars from something you create. Or make thousands of dollars promoting a product that someone else makes from the list you will receive from selling your own products.
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