Gideon Shalwick’s – Rapid Video Blogging Course – Module 2

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“How You Can Rapidly Build Huge Lists And Make Money Behind The Scenes… Exploiting My Insider Secrets Of Video Blogging!” Discover the Secret Method Top Bloggers Use To Dominate Markets And Make More Money Than Others Combined!

Hi there! I’m Gideon Shalwick and I want to share with you the secret of exactly how I make my money online while still enjoying a very relaxed lifestyle near the tropical Gold Coast and Sunshine beaches in Australia.

If you don’t know me yet, you can go google my name and see what comes up. If you do know me, but haven’t downloaded my free 92 page Rapid Video Blogging report, go ahead and do it now.

It’s already been downloaded well over 20,000 times, with over a thousand raving comments and testimonials from people all over the world (just see some of the comments on the right).

Before I became the successful online video expert though, I struggled many long years like so many others do when they start out on the internet.

Watch My Kid Brother Travel the World and Make Bank Online…Without Knowing ANYTHING About IM!

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Do You Just Want to Quit Your Job, Make Money, and Travel the World? If That’s You…then this is the WSO YOU NEED!!!

Watch My Kid Brother Quit His Job, Make Money Online, Travel the World, and Live the “Internet Lifestyle” Without Knowing a THING About Internet Marketing!!

Let me cut to the chase right now: My kid brother Mikey is the DEFINITION of a newbie. He knows NOTHING about:
Social Media
Affiliate Marketing


Picture the greenest, most hopeless newbie you’ve ever seen. Now hit him in the head with a frying pan.


Underground Traffic Blueprints

On October 21, 2011, in E-books & Course, by Kevin

Underground Traffic Blueprints

Value: $197

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You’ve finally found it!

Finally, after all of the failed marketing campaigns, all the money wasted on PPC , all of the frustration and false promises, you no longer have to worry about getting traffic ever again. It’s crucial that you turn off your cell phone, remove any distractions, and pay close attention to what we’re about to reveal to you because this information WILL literally change your life from this point forward.

Sound a little extreme?

Sure it does, but it’s an absolute FACT.

If you don’t follow along and read every word on this page, you’ll more than likely keep going about getting traffic in the ways that you always have (up until now), and you’ll probably keep getting the same mediocre results just like the huge number of people who fail miserably at making a true living online.

The simple truth is… there’s just one critical factor between you either becoming an internet marketing guru/super affiliate or simply being a internet marketing ‘wannabe’ that buys every product but hasn’t made a dollar online.

That factor is: TRAFFIC


The Marketing Funnel Pack… Professionally Designed Graphics and Template – PLR Available!

Value: $10

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Hey Warriors,
My name is Duston McGroarty and over the past couple of years I have dabbled in internet marketing here and there. I’ve set up, and ran, over fifteen different sites and looking back there’s one thing they all had in common…

Each one of my sites had a marketing funnel. Meaning… I directed new visitors to a squeeze page to opt in, then they saw an offer for what I was selling, followed by a one-time offer (or upsell) for another product (if they bought the first one).

I discovered that the funnel consisted of about 90% of each site and was what took me the longest to set up. I was designing my own graphics, designing all of my own html sites and starting over from scratch each time. I quickly realized I was an idiot and should be using templates since each site started to look the same… they just had different logos and product images.

So I Forked Out $500…

$510 to be exact…

I found some professional designers right here on the Warrior Forum and gave them an extensive list of what I wanted and how I wanted it to look…

They knocked it outta the park! Take a look…

Article Underground – July 2011 – Content and Traffic System with PLR Articles

Value: $97

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Article Underground is the best PLR Article membership available!!!

You get 400 fresh new keyword optimized articles every month and over 110 article announcements blogs you can use to link to your web pages!!!STOP wasting TIME


The SECRET to lots of qualified traffic is targeting the RIGHT KEYWORDS!

Our PLR articles help you get top rankings fast & easy – keyword research is the secret weapon! Over 110 “Article Announcements Blogs” help make getting top rankings and traffic easy!


How much MONEY can YOU make with this incredible one stop content & traffic solution??? Watch this video! Earnings Potential Video

[WSO of the Day] 2100+ sold- 7 Fig FB expert reveals $400 a day system-guaranteed results!

Value: $25.6

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Dear Warriors,

What if I told you I figured out how to tap into the largest cash cow that we’ve seen in years online..

Would you believe me?

Well, for my latest WSO I have teamed up with Tim Atkinson to bring you the most complete, proven, insider course you are ever going to see about making money using Facebook.

Tim has earned $300k in just 1 of his Clickbank accounts this year already. Now I’m not going to sit here and insult your intelligence by saying that’s all from the methods you will learn inside this new training course. That’s a combination of Product launches and JV launches…But there is one thing that all of those launches have in common- Facebook!

One way or another Tim used FB PPC campaigns to launch almost every single campaign which lead to him making a lot of money online.

Here’s the UGLY truth: Google slapped him silly!

Two years ago he got swallowed by the massive Google slap and was left in the dark and no business. Facebook was the only place left for Affiliate Marketers to get cheap clicks so Tim learned their system inside out….and you can see the results below!

[Traffic Evolution] Advanced Course 2011 – Module 2

Value: $397

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We have the entire course, which has 5 Modules. See you next week.

If you’re serious about creating a long-term profit strategy online, the Advanced Course is an absolute must!

The Unstoppable Traffic Funnel That Works For Any Web Site, Affiliate Page, Or CPA Offer

Take your profits to the next level and discover “Ninja” methods for getting more traffic and squeezing more revenue from each and every visitor to your Web site…

Here’s why you want this:

For most, improving revenue by 30-40% would be considered a home run. The Advanced Course focuses on game-changing techniques that routinely produce 300-500% increases and single-handedly turn failing campaigns into successes!

Our powerful guarantee: Simply put, you’re guaranteed a minimum return of 20 times the cost in extra profits or we’ll buy it back from you – case closed.


Blazingly Fast, Cash Generating, Shortcut Codes! (Over 252 copies sold and going strong!)

Value: $24.4

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Here’s why you need this software…

  • Create high converting sales pages in under ten seconds
  • Blast out gorgeous new squeeze pages like magic
  • Forget spending hours on copywriting
  • Set up your download page in one minute
  • Customize your thank you page to look professional
  • Takes “zero” experience to get massive results!

And much, much more…
Here’s Everything You Get!

  • Shortcut Codes Software
  • Private access to any codes you want on your own website. (Valued at $497)
  • My Personal Shortcut Codes Pre-Installed!

Turn your talent for web design into a profitable business

Value: $247

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The Difference Between Success and Failure

Did you know that the majority of all businesses fail due to lack of training, resources, and support?

The 3rd edition of The Web Design Business Kit has been completely overhauled and modernized. Originally authored by Brandon Sinclair, this new edition has the added brilliance of Peter Williams who has successfully launched and expanded multi – million dollar companies.

So how exactly will it help your business succeed?

#1 – Training: Proven Profit Strategies That Work!

This kit will equip you with the business skills required to turn your talents into a successful, thriving business.

You’ll learn:
How to market your business or service
Which tools and software to use for running your business
How to keep clients and projects “on the rails”
Plan for and successfully manage expansion.
Minimize risk and future-proof your operations.
How to achieve growth that adds to your bottom line.
How to hire and fire staff, employee ethics, and performance management.
The pro’s and con’s of outsourcing and offshoring

100% Free Content – Developer License

Value: $17

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Originally Posted by DavidDeanWillis

Hi Simon!!

I was fortunate to catch this WSO early. I purchased the Developer License version of KontentBot a few hours ago. I was able to download KontentBot with no problems.

After downloading KontentBot, I successfully installed the plugin on one of my WordPress 3.2.1 installations on GoDaddy Windows Deluxe Hosting.

The plugin installed quickly and is running without any issues.

I have now used KontentBot to generate content for many different keyword combinations.

The speed at which the content is created by KontentBot is amazingly fast. I am very pleased with KontentBot and look forward to the amount of time I will save creating unique content for my websites and those of my clients.

Thanks, Simon, for developing such an awesome WordPress Plugin and for making the Developer License available for such a nice low price!!

I am now a very happy buyer of 4 of your products: KontentBot, LinxBot, BlogzBot, and Total Warrior Takeover!!

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