WPTrafficTools - Advanced WordPress Plugin Suite WP Traffic Tools
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Advertisement Management

Place ads based on keywords discovered in post content (Title or Body).
Place ads based on keywords discovered in referring URL.
Place ads on specific posts.
Place ads targeting certain categories
Place ads directly to all incoming Google traffic
Cache ads placed via Google Traffic.
Use %token% variables in ad templates to help build dynamic content
Tokens can be used with 3rd party shortcode tokens such as phpBay, phpZon, wpProsperent, wpMage, and wpRobot.

Redirection Management

Redirect traffic based on keywords matched in referring URL.
Non-human visitors can be excluded from all redirects.
Redirect profiles can be setup globally, affecting all posts, or can be set up specifically, just on certain posts, or solely on the homepage.
Can declare 301, 302, 303, 307 redirection types
Referrer can be blanked on all redirects.
Track redirections.

Forum Poster V3 Full Working Version.

On October 25, 2011, in SEO Tools, by Kevin

Forum Poster V3 Full Working Version.
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Forum Poster automatically register a user with the username, e-mail and password you typed on the board. It login as the registered user on the board and then post/reply it. All made automatically. With just one click!

Forum Poster support add, edit, delete forums URL, Import and export forum URL list.

Forum boards are an effective way to drive traffic to your site. With your posted Ads you can bring hundreds of new visitors to your site and increase your search
engine rankings which counts on link popularity like Google.

Please download the trial version and see yourself. The trial version can make 10 complete postings in one session.


On October 25, 2011, in Forex, by Kevin

Value: $67

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These are REAL trades our clients take .. every day!

We are sick of all the trading systems that promise you consistent profits ..

.. and in fact give you a lagging indicator at best, that stops working the minute you try to trade with it.

The FX Cash Formula is nothing like this.

What you get is ONE leading trading tactic you can use TODAY, to cash in fx profits.

This is not:

No B.S.

No lagging tools

No boring theoretic books

No useless indicators that never profit

What it IS is a package of super-profitable patterns that makes profits for anyone that knows them, and will make profits for you!

What you are about to see is the best of the best of trading tactics..

The pattern that gives you leading and high-accuracy signals so you are BOUND to profit!

New Facebook App Makes Adding Coupon Offers Stupidly Simple!

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Facebook Coupon App FAQ

Will you be offering PLR Rights and Source Code for this app like you did the others?

Yes, we are actually offering as an upgrade after you purchase this WSO. The price is even less than the previous apps.

I have watched the video, but can I see a live example on a fan page?


On October 24, 2011, in SEO Tools, Wordpress, by Kevin



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[FB] FACEBOOK SLIDEIN PluginWhat is the WP FB Plugin?

  • A lightweight unblockable "SlideIn Box" that kicks some serious ass.

What Does WP FB Plugin Do?

  • Allows you cross-promote any Facebook page you specify. Simple.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • A low one-time WSO investment. No recurring fees.

Can I Promote My FB Fan Pages, Walls, Photos?

  • Yep -- you can promote ANYTHING that has a FB URL!

Can I Turn the Plugin On and Off, and Set Delays?

  • Yes you can. Specify how often you want it to appear, delay (in seconds).

How Do I (or My Clients) Benefit From Using It?

  • Send targeted, qualified traffic to your FB pages... 100% FREE!
  • Leverage every site visitor by showing them your FB!
  • Increase your FB Traffic… to your Pages, Posts, Contest Pages, Photos, Fan Pages… more!

Can I Use It If I Want to Do Offline?

  • Cool idea. And yeah, I suppose you could! J

How Long Does It Take to Install?

  • After you download, 23 seconds. J But who’s counting... lol

Upon ordering, you will receive a ZIP file with installation instructions. Please unzip the file, follow the instructions and install the plugin.

All updates for this plugin are FREE for customers for life, including future releases.

** Half Gone!!!! ** GOOGLE Page 1 + FAST = $65,816.43? ANYONE Can Do This!! [PROOF!]

Value: $7

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Ok… Let’s get serious.

Here’s what really happened. Remember those good ol’ PPC days?

I was making a killing online back then but I was… not satisfied… so to speak. I quickly realized that if I could take away the ‘cost’ of my PPC efforts… I would easily double my earnings online.

And that would mean that I had to finally get my hands dirty on SEO.

However I didn’t have the knowledge and time to re-learn all the SEO stuff back then.

Which Is Why I Sent A “SPY” To Steal All The Secrets From Those SEO Experts And Infiltrate The Likes Of Google Themselves.

The Spy’s mission was simple. He was to do whatever it takes to find out how to rank well on semi-competitive niches in the shortest amount of time as possible.

The mission was on. He began to rummage the forums… pillage every SEO course he could get his hands on… He even seeked out Google Insiders and grinded them subtly to just to see if he could find any missing ingredients.

He reversed engineered those High Ranking sites… and he came back with a power that surprises even me.

Long story short…


Keith Dougherty Reveals The Super High Traffic Method… Over 35,000 visitors a month

Value: $8.45

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How To Create Eye Catching Traffic Sucking Videos With FREE Tools In Minutes.

Do you struggle to make videos for your online projects, do you find Camtasia a bit Over the Top for your needs?

Do you wish you could get into video more and utilize the untapped traffic video can bring to your websites and products?

Well now you can create fantastic eye catching videos with just a few clicks for FREE using ultra simple tools.

I have managed to Get Keith Dougherty to show you exactly how he uses these simple effective techniques to get tons of free traffic using simple and effective free video techniques, that are so easy your Granny could do it!!

In this step by step video tutorial you will discover how to
• Research and Find Keywords That Will Easily Rank Your Video in Google
• How to Outrank Your Competition
• How to Use Tools Like Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder To Do All The Hard Work
• Where and How To Get Content For Your New Videos
• How To Create Your Video Content
• The Exact Free Tools Keith Uses To Produce His Eye Catching Traffic Sucking Videos
• The Best Places For You To Submit Your Videos To Get The Best Results


HOW TO. . .PLR : | SUBJECT: Facebook >> TWO BONUSes added!

Value: $7.5

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SAVE TIME – GRAB this now!!!

How you can use this ‘HOW TO’ wso?

  • Create a WordPress Blog and upload it now – show your prospects a live site showing your expertise.
  • Set up your own fan page and upload the content to the page.
  • Set up the content on an email autoresponder.
  • Use the PowerPoint to do presentations at a Chamber of Commerce meetings.
  • Use the PowerPoint to present directly to your client.
  • Create a Camtasia screen shot video of the PPT’s!



[1300+ SOLD!] Shockingly Accurate: PROOF Keywords Will Pull Guaranteed Profits using Real World Data

Value: $9.95

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Dear Warrior,

Let me be blunt up front… I am not trying to wow you with big promises or expectations. It’s a bold statement to say you can find keywords that practically guarantee profits.

But it’s true. Just look at the traffic one of my sites was able to pull in last year…

And another…

Most people won’t use this strategy, but you’ll never find wisdom in crowds. The most effective way is often crushed by a few people who know the minimum effective dose for maximum profits.

“The TRUE Traffic & Competition Finally Revealed!”

After reading this…

You will KNOW the TRUE competition for a keyword from a real world test. You can do a REAL WORLD test of how much traffic a keyword actually has. No more stupid estimates!

You will be able to accurately see the profits you can get for ranking in the top ten for that keyword.

You will be able to minimize your effort in, and maximize your results out. High profit margins guaranteed.



SalesPress – Stunning Header & Minisite Graphics in 5 Minutes! | SalesPress Plugin

Value: $10

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SalesPressAre you constantly in need of a killer headline image, buy now button, order area graphic, or a guarantee graphic?

We all know that creating high quality graphics is the best way to boost conversion rates. Not only that, is also shows a sense of professionalism and trust with your clients and customers.

There are a few ways to create high converting sales graphics:

You can spend hours creating them yourself & more time uploading them to WordPress…
You can search the net trying to find a decent designer who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg…
You can pay the big bucks and hire a professional graphic designer and spend HUNDREDS for a few

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