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Fellow Warriors,

Mark Here. I’m back, and with my newest, coolest-ever WSO! If you’ve been struggling to find a way to get huge exposure of your product or website, (I’m talking major exposure, that can get your stuff on TV and seen by millions) …then this will be the most exciting thread you will ever read.

Here’s why.

During one of our late night “just goofing around” telephone chit-chat sessions, my friend David–founder & CEO of what may now be the world’s largest news distribution network–let the cat out of the bag.

You see, that evening we both had our guards down a little more than usual. It started when I told David about my upcoming patent. Then he told me about his upcoming patent, for identity theft protection. (which btw is going to turn the credit fraud industry upside down!) But what he told me next, rocked my world.

Keith Dougherty Reveals… Lightning Product Creation Methods

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How To Create Products Lightning Fast and With Laser Focused Precision. Do you struggle at creating a product?

Do you wish you could turn out products like some of the top marketers out there? Well now you can create products in record time with this super simple system..

I have managed to Get Keith Dougherty to show you exactly how he creates product after product and uses these simple effective techniques to turn out new products whenever he wants.

In this step by step video tutorial you will discover how to
• Which product creation method is right for you.
• How to Choose a Best Selling Topic

[NEW!] Instant Guru Toolkit: Earn Easy Profits From Local Businesses With Facebook (Print-Ready Ads)

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Dear Warrior:

Facebook is an unstoppable giant. In the first quarter of 2012, they are planning on an IPO, which means that you can invest in Facebook on the open market.

The Wall Street Journal believes that Facebook will be worth approximately $100 billion once it goes public. This estimate keeps jumping higher as the time approaches.

There’s a damn good reason it’s worth that much, though. It’s barely scratched the international market in some of the most populated countries in the world, which means Facebook will only keep growing – even though it already has nearly 700 million users.

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You Are About To Learn How You Can Crush Your Competition And Put A Lot Of Money In Your Bank Account!

And, within minutes of reading my report you will be able to find hundreds of thousands of potential high Google PR backlink sites that you can use to get your website to the top of the Google rankings!

I have had SEO Guru’s begging me to not release this report. Not to mention those people that make their living off of selling you and everybody else those “Backlink Packets” – they do not want you to have this information either!

Introducing the last report you are ever going to have to buy that will teach you how to find 10,000+ – 50,000+ – 100,000+ – even 500,000+ backlinks for your websites

[400+ sold] What’s missing in G sniper again??? SEO (Guaranteed Google Domination in 14 days)

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“I Can Show You How To Make Your Sniper Site Dominate Google In Less Than 14 Days”

In Fact, I Will Prove It To You The Following Way…

Here’s how: I have laid out a 14 days SEO battle plan to work on, if you don’t get any results in 30 days, I insist you ask me for your money back.

Dear warrior,

I have just read an SEO guide that tells people how to attain the first position by building forum backlinks, press releases, web 2.0, bookmarking, posting videos, directory submission, submitting in RSS directories and so on…do you know how much time the author of that guide is expecting you to spend in completing all the SEO tasks?

12 weeks or 3 months

[WSO of the DAY 6-22-2011] BING Domination – Beyond Google Discover the new Frontier for Local SEO

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Dear Warrior,

You won’t find yet another B.S. hyped up sales letter here.

We’re busy making real money in the real world and in drastic contrast to 90% of the other WSO’s out there we actually DO WORK with local business and they’re paying us serious money month after month.


Mass Link Poster

On November 29, 2011, in IM Softwares, by jacob

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Website: N/A (WSO Product)

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STOP! If You Are Already Getting Thousands Of Visitors
To Your Website And Don’t Need Any More Traffic,
Don’t Waste Your Time Reading This Page...

...BUT If Your Website Is Currently Getting
Little To No Traffic At All Then Stop Everything
You Are Doing And Read This Extremely Important
And Timely Message!


Here’s The Bare Bones Of What Mass Link Poster Will Do For You Every Time You Set It To Run:

- Create And Confirm Accounts on complete auto-pilot

Time Taken To Create And Confirm A Single Account Without Mass Link Poster: 3minutes 49seconds

Time Taken To Create And Confirm A Single Account With Mass Link Poster: 0minutes 6seconds
This simple yet effective feature saves you hours when you are creating multiple accounts for different SEO campaigns. Imagine having to create hundreds of accounts manually every time you want to run a simple SEO campaign for you or your clients.

- Automatically promotes and links your “Money Site” from thousands of micro-blogging / social networking site

Time Taken To Create Over 100 1-Way Backlinks Without Mass Link Poster: 5hours 23minutes 41seconds

Time Taken To Create Over 100 1-Way Backlinks With Mass Link Poster: 12minutes 28seconds
Creating backlinks is every online marketers achilles heel and has the be the most boring activity any marketer undertakes. Mass Link Poster gives you the ability to create hundreds of high quality links within minutes.

- Automatically break captures using decaptcher and death by captcha saving your hours

Time Taken To Solve Hundreds Of Captures Without Mass Link Poster: 2hours 53minutes 14seconds

Time Taken To Solve Hundreds Of Captures With Mass Link Poster: 8minutes 40seconds
Trying to solve those hard to read captures can be neigh impossible at times and is one of the biggest time wasters of an Internet Marketer, Mass Link Poster gives you the ability to automatically solve these captures in just seconds.

- Multithread support allows you to run multiple projects at a time

If you run your own SEO service or just have a lot of website that you want ranking in the top of the search engines then running multiple threads of Mass Link Poster at the same time allows you to completing multiple campaigns at the same time, instantly doubling, quadrupling your productivity.

- Automatically add avatars to your profiles ensuring the stickability of your accounts and powerful backlinks

This unique feature allows you to instantly apply avatar’s to the profiles Mass Link Poster creates giving them more of a “human” look and feel ensuring the accounts and backlinks last!

- Spin Articles for unique article submissions

With all the Google algorithm changes happening and websites being punished because of duplicate content the ability to use Spin syntax in your articles to create unique content for each of the sites Mass Link Poster posts to helps to ensure the backlinks are indexed in Google.

- Use proxies to ensure account stickability

Website owners have started to get smart over the last few years and started to put IP detection scripts on their sites making it hard for you to create multiple accounts from the same IP, using the Proxy feature within Mass Link Poster you can make it look like every account is set up using a completely different computer and IP without having to lift a single finger!

In simple, it builds you quality backlinks, on quality web properties QUICKLY. Mass Link Poster is the missing weapon in your SEO arsenal.

Mass Video Blaster

On November 29, 2011, in IM Softwares, by jacob

Product:  Mass Video Blaster 2.33 Crack Download - FULL Version Licence Key


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What is Mass Video Blaster?

Mass Video Blaster is a ready-made toolkit for video marketers, site owners and webmasters who practice YouTube marketing. Mass Video Blaster is a unified workspace for three programs that help you get real views, effectively manage your videos, and easily grow your business.

It automates your daily tasks, which allows you to reach up to 100x more YouTube views than you could get on your own. It will run in the background while you enjoy yourself.

Mass Video Blaster is designed to work with any type of video marketing campaign

If you are using a fine tuned campaign where you are aiming to get more views to a single video , Mass Video Blaster will do all the hard work for you. Will create the link wheel of videos that point to your target video and bring highly targeted subscriber to your account. And here comes the best part… you won’t need to send any friend request or subscribe to any channel.

You will let the subscribers come to you , by downloading and uploading the top videos in your niche to your own account. For those who think that more is better. Mass Video Blaster will be like a dream came true. This tool is designed to work in mass mode , like the name Mass Video Blaster. You will be able to scrape and download any video you want from YouTube , edit all of them , chage the titles , descriprions and tags with ease using our revolutionary Tag System and upload all the videos with the press of one button.


  • Download Videos from Youtube , Vimeo and Metacafe based on keywords, users, or manually
  • Download Videos in HD format from YouTube
  • Add videos from local hard drives
  • Add Your Own Watermark on the downloaded video
  • Cut seconds from the start of any video
  • Makes each video unique , so you can upload the same video as many times as you want without having to worry about the duplicate filter
  • Change your titles, tags, and descriptions on the fly
  • Mass upload all your videos in ONE CLICK!
  • Re-upload all the videos that got removed
  • Assign proxy for each YouTube account
  • Add annotations to your videos
  • And much more…

Maxprog Email Extractor

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Product: Maxprog Email Extractor 3.5 Crack Download - FULL Version Licence Key


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  • eMail extractor is a very powerful and reliable tool to extract e-mail addresses from all kind of text sources like your local files, online web pages, plain text drops and the clipboard. eMail extractor is very fast, easy to use and multithread. It retrieves absolutely all valid e-mail addresses and generates an output file with only good and well formatted e-mail addresses without duplicates.
  •   eMail Extractor is an extremely easy-to-use and straightforward software. You just have to drop your file(s) directly over the eMail Extractor application icon or double-click eMail Extractor and drop your file(s), folder(s) or URLs over the main window. eMail extractor retrieves absolutely all valid e-mail addresses and generates an output file with only good and well formatted e-mails without duplicates.
  •   eMail Extractor is perfect for building your customer e-mails list using your mailbox files.
  •   eMail Extractor is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Russian.

Key Features

  • Detects and use your language if available:
  • Process hundreds of email addresses per second from several sources at once.
  • Email Address extraction from your mailbox or any kind of text files.
  • Email Address extraction from your Internet e-mail subscribing system files.
  • Email Address extraction from single web pages (by dragging & dropping URLs)
  • Email Address extraction from plain text (by dragging & dropping the text).
  • Email Address extraction from the Clipboard (by copying and pasting text to the app).
  • Arranges badly formatted files. (with several e-mails per line)
  • Tab, comma (csv), colon and semicolon delimiters support.
  • Support for VCard and Microsoft excel output format.
  • ISO quoted printable and binary decoder with support for all ISO and Windows encodings.
  • UTF-8, UTF-16 and UCS-4 encodings full support for file extraction.
  • Customizable extracting settings and rule editor.
  • Very fast and multithreaded - Process whole directories using a file queue.
  • Easy-to-use, straightforward and user friendly interface with Drag and Drop support.
  • Native versions for Mac OS X (Universal) and Windows.



Link Farm Evolution

On November 28, 2011, in IM Softwares, by jacob

Product: Link Farm Evolution 1.8.5 Crack Download - FULL Version Licence Key


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If you don't evolve your SEO, you risk extinction for your sites.
Don't be a dinosaur Get Link Farm Evolution and make your competitors extinct instead.

What is Link Farm Evolution?

LFE is the tool that allows you to harness the power of social media platforms such as WordPress MU (or WP 3.0 multisite) and Pligg to build a vast link farm. Open-source and wide-spread, those platforms allow you to get quality links on thousands of unique domains in unlimited quantities. And the best part is that you don't have to pay a thing or do any manual labor to do that. You can have an endlessly diverse link farm providing links to all of your sites — WhiteHat or BlackHat alike.

If you ever tried to set up a lot of WordPress blogs or register accounts on bookmarking services, then you know how tedious that is. Especially when there is a captcha in the way. And around 31.71% of all WPMU and 88.36% of all Pligg hosts have CAPTCHAs.

  • New WPMU blogs are being created without a hitch — it's as easy as entering a list of your future blog titles.
  • To put some links on Pligg hosts, you don't even have to create new user accounts yourself, LFE takes care of it in the background as needed.
  • LFE will automatically go through all registration steps and fill out the forms for you.
  • It will also generate human-readable e-mail addresses and automatically "click" e-mail verification links for every blog or Pligg account you create with LFE.
  • After new blogs have been set up, the script will automatically enable remote access to them (XMLRPC), pick a custom template, delete the "Hello world!" post and empty the blogroll (so all the "link juice" will be yours :-).

Don't Be a Captcha-Entering Drone.

  • With LFE you receive access to our captcha-breaking service with 90-95% accuracy.
  • Our captcha-breaking service does not care whether it's reCaptcha or just plain numbers — as long as it's a JPEG image with letters and digits in it, it will be cracked.
  • This means your account creation will be fully automated.
  • You won't even see a single captcha anymore — they are all found and filled out for you.
  • You get more than 3000 prepaid captchas with LFE. Anything over that will cost you just $0.0015 per captcha. To put this into perspective — you’ll get 1000 WPMU blogs just for $1.5.
  • With LFE you can also easily bypass both WPMU's and Pligg's security questions.

Post to Blogs, Submit News Stories and Comment En Masse.

With LFE you get a visual and HTML post editor, closely resembling the one from WordPress dashboard, but with a few notable improvements for mass posting.

  • Content spinning. With industry-wide standard format for article spinning (e.g. "{one phrase|other {subphrase|another subphrase}phrase}"), so you don't have to look too far to find writers for your custom articles.
  • Extensible content generation engine with a [YACG]-like hook system.
  • With one click you can add content from associated content, flickr or a relevant blog.
  • Preview generated content right in the posting screen.
  • Post tagging and categorization support — tags can be automatically generated based on your post content, or spinned randomly from a predefined list.
  • Automatic pinging after each post.

Easily Manage Your Link Farm.

LFE presents you with a clean, streamlined interface, optimized for managing large site networks. If you've ever seen other linkbuilding solutions, you will appreciate LFE's simplicity.

  • Easy blogroll management.
  • Fast search across you entire blog and host databases.
  • You can login into any of your WPMU blogs with one click. No need to memorize or copy/paste logins and passwords.
  • You can even add and manage your existing WordPress blogs (WPMU or not) with LFE.
  • You're in control — you can easily export your data in .CSV format (supported by Microsoft Excel and many others) at any time.
  • Automatic daily backups will keep your data safe.
  • Full proxy support (socks and password-protected proxies too).

What does Link Farm Evolution do?

It basically gives you the ability to create thousands of blogs and various other sites and profiles, and post content to them. The reason it's called Link Farm Evolution is being their product evolves with new sources to create sites on, plus new places to create profiles on. If you're a white-hatter SEO like me then you cannot help but be repelled by an SEO link building product with the words "Link farm" in there, cuz link farms are bad, right?

Well, yes and no...

Link farms are bad for direct linking to your main, quality nice sites and these links should be used for other things (not gonna get into that here, as you'll see why later..)

What kind of quality sites does Link Farm Evolution make?

Low quality sites whose main purpose is to host-and-post your articles and send links outward to other places. since these are all brand new sites residing on WPMU-enabled domains, or even blogger blogs, you need to promote these somehow, and link to them if you want to boost their link juice capabilities.

So in essence, you're creating a ton of work for yourself here

In the long run it could and probably will bear fruit for you...
  • IF you build up the trust of the sites in your LFE network,
  • IF you have enough unique content pouring out of your ears to syndicate to your LFE network
  • IF you have the patience to wait a long time to see results
  • IF you have the capability to send hundreds or even thousands of links to your entire network to get them indexed and buildup their "SEO weight"
  • etc...
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