Gideon Shalwick’s – Rapid Video Blogging Course – Module 7

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“How You Can Rapidly Build Huge Lists And Make Money Behind The Scenes… Exploiting My Insider Secrets Of Video Blogging!”

Discover the Secret Method Top Bloggers Use To Dominate Markets And Make More Money Than Others Combined!

Hi there! I’m Gideon Shalwick and I want to share with you the secret of exactly how I make my money online while still enjoying a very relaxed lifestyle near the tropical Gold Coast and Sunshine beaches in Australia.

If you don’t know me yet, you can go google my name and see what comes up. If you do know me, but haven’t downloaded my free 92 page Rapid Video Blogging report, go ahead and do it now.

It’s already been downloaded well over 20,000 times, with over a thousand raving comments and testimonials from people all over the world (just see some of the comments on the right).

Before I became the successful online video expert though, I struggled many long years like so many others do when they start out on the internet.


MBFX Mostafa Belkhayate Best Forex system Forex Indicator and Timing

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The Best Forex Trader In The World Mostafa Belkhayate

Breaks Silence to Reveal His Best Forex System That Enables Anyone With No Experience to Make Huge Shocking Amounts of Money Trading the Forex Market Like a Pro.

Only a few copies remain of the Mostafa Belkhayate forex system which has transformed the lives of many people from all over the world, the question is :

Are You The Next One?


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[FREE] TubeSpy Crack Download - FULL Version Licence Key

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TubeSpy Review – Overview

When you first open TubeSpy it looks very generic with basic buttons and no fancy graphics.  The developers built it like this so that it’ll run super fast.  Besides, you want the information it can get for you rather then some fancy background.  Time is money here!

tubespy 300x177 TubeSpy Review

There are 3 main buttons across the top.  In this TubeSpy Review we’ll focus on the YouTube Analyzer button since this is the meat and potatoes of TubeSpy.

YouTube Analyzer

tubespy1 300x115 TubeSpy Review

This button will allow you to enter a keyword or key phrase that you want to search YouTube for.  It will pull data for the top 10 to even the top 1,000 results for that keyword or phrase.  Once it pulls that information it’ll show all sorts of information on those keywords.  See the below screenshot for searching for the keyword “tubespy review”:

1 TubeSpy Review


As you can see you can obtain the following from these searches:

  • Title – title of actual video
  • URL – actual YouTube url to video
  • PageRank – yes, even YouTube videos have PR
  • Rating – This is the rating on YouTube for this video
  • Likes – The YouTube likes for this video
  • Dislikes – The YouTube dislikes for this video
  • Description – YouTube description for this video
  • Description Link – This is a key field…it lets you know if someone put in a website link in the description
  • Views – the number of views this video has received
  • Comments – number of comments
  • Favorites – How many YouTube members have “favorite” this video
  • Published – When this video was actually published
  • Tags – Tags that the video creator used for this video
  • Category – Video category
  • User – this is the actual user who uploaded the video.  If you click on the username it automatically pulls up the contact user form on YouTube so you can send the user a direct message (important if you want to put a link in the description and/or purchase the video from the user)
  • Contacted – this is just a checkbox you can click for each user whom you contacted so you don’t send the same user duplicate messages
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Scrapebox Auto Approved List – 99942 links

Scrapebox FAST Poster Ready!

How to get best success rate with using this list in Scrapebox?

Connections to 20 (Settings -> Adjust Maximum Connections)
Timeout to 90 (Settings -> Adjust Timeout Settings)
Set “Randomize comment poster blogs list” in settings.


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Domain Name Dominator

On November 25, 2011, in IM Softwares, by jacob

Product: Domain Name Dominator


Price: $14


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“Domain Name Dominator Will Help You Get Your Hands On Premium Domains The Moment They Expire…

…And Make A Small Fortune Selling Them
At Auction!”

Domain Name Dominator allows you too:

  • Search For Recently Expired/Deleted Domains - Quickly find quality domains that are worth a fortune at auction.
  • Displays Alexa Rank - Discover how popular the domain was before purchasing.
  • Customized Search – Search based on TLD, keywords, and optionally include numbers and hyphens.
  • Save List Of Domains – Save and sort through domains by name, page rank, and find the most profitable ones. You can also provide the list to your customers.
  • Full Training Video – Get started in 5 minutes with the step-by-by step training video
  • Free Updates For Life – All future updates and bonuses are free for past customers.

Digi Auto Links

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Product: Digi Auto Links 2.1.5


Price: $99


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“How one man’s personal catastrophe led him to develop a $3000-a-month business he could run from his bed…

And how you can use the exact same tool for 100% Panda-friendly automatic blog promotion and ultimate niche domination…”

Here’s the really clever part…

This new plugin harnesses the power of the WordPress pingback system to make your blog shout so loud Google can’t fail to take notice…

Pingbacks work like the link exchanges of old, connecting your blog to the social web of relevant content…content

Now link exchanging is something you should still be doing… because lets face it, the choice between some backlinks and no backlinks is a no-brainer…

But the pingback is the WordPress standard. And WordPress is used by over half the blogs on the internet… so when WordPress sets a standard, even Google listens.

When the searchbots see a pingback, they see a site that is well-connected, well-respected and has high-quality relevant content. When they see several, you’re practically forcing them to give your blog a gold star.

With Digi Auto Links supercharging your blog, you’ll be able to:

  • Get laser-targeted traffic sent straight to your blog: If normal traffic = money, then targeted traffic is a hundred times better… and by exploiting the pingback system, you get traffic targeted with military precision
  • Add backlinks to every post on 100% autopilot: Want backlinks pointing to every post? Digi Auto Links finds the top 10 high-ranking sites that actively want to give you backlinks and connects you to every one
  • Build in the special type of link that forces Google to sit up and take notice: Because these aren’t just any backlinks… these are contextual backlinks, on high-traffic sites surrounded by the keywords that tell Google your blog is the place to be.
  • Hijack the respect and authority other blogs have built up through years of work: Having your blog connected to all the big players gives you instant authority… positioning you as an expert and making your content ten times more valuable, both to your readers and the searchbots
  • Create the deep links that keep your blog at the top of the Google rankings: Too many bloggers focus on their front page, leaving their posts to wither and die in the wastelands of page 27. That’s a bit of a waste of good content… but with ten push-button pingbacks for every entry, your posts will be alive, kicking and making money, while your competitors just gather dust.
  • Use the power of premium professional software: If I told you how much it’d cost to hire Tony as a developer, there’s a good chance you’d have a heart attack right now… but let’s just say this isn’t a guy you’re ever going to find on eLance. Luckily you don’t have to, because soon you’ll be offered this weapons-grade tool for a fraction of what you’d otherwise have to invest.

Scrapebox Scheduler

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[FREE] Scrapebox Scheduler Crack Download - FULL Version Licence Key

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Product Price: $29


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What is it?
A program that loads and completes an unlimited number of blog commenting jobs in "fast post" mode.  For example, if you have 5 keywords to promote and a blog list of 10,000 total, load up the 5 jobs into the Scrapebox Scheduler and it will post job 1, job 2, job 3, job 4, and job 5 sequentially.  It automatically loads the Names, Comments, Email, Blogs, and Websites of each job!

Why do you need it?
As fantastic a program as Scrapebox is, it requires a lot of attention.  You have to check in frequently to see if a job is done, load the next one, check again, load the next job, etc.  Now you can load a day's worth of posting jobs and be done with it.

How does it work?
Each keyword (project) you promote will have its own folder:  "dog training," "cheap camcorder," etc.   In each folder will be 5 .txt files:  names, emails, blogs, comments, and websites.  Instruct Scrapebox Scheduler which projects you want posted and in what order.  The Scheduler will post them all in order for you...and even send you email confirmations as each job completes.

What does it NOT do?
Scheduler is for fast posting only.  It will not scrape blogs, post in slow mode, check links, or perform any other Scrapebox tasks.

How do I learn Scrapebox Scheduler?
Scheduler includes a PDF with screenshots and YouTube training videos.

Important:  Scrapebox Scheduler operates in its OWN operating system environment.
Got a spare PC or laptop?  Set up Scrapebox Scheduler to post 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...on autopilot.

Don't have a spare computer?  No problem, you can set up a 2nd, "virtual" computer on your main computer.  You first install Oracle's free VM Virtual Box, in which you install a 2nd operating system (no you don't need a second copy of your can use your existing copy of Windows XP, Vista, or 7).

Thus, you will have a second "virtual computer" operating within your main operating system.  It looks like this:

Scheduler runs in its own Windows environment using the free software, Virtual Box. Install Scrapebox in the new environment and activate it.  No need to purchase a second copy of Scrapebox.