The Action Machine

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Product: The Action Machine 3.0


Price: $47


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1. Why To Do Lists, Day Planners, And 'Time Management' Systems Aren't Enough

There are 2 fundamental keys to being able to take massive action on a level that most people only dream of. I'll show you what they are, and how to put them to use in your own life and business.

2. A Simple, 3-Step System For Getting Things Done!

I'm going to reveal to you an action-taking system that you can begin using right away, today! I'll show you all 3 steps, and I'll explain to you how and why they work.

3. The '5 Days Of Massive Action' Case Study

I'm going to share with you a personal experience I had that will open your eyes to what is possible when you learn how to take massive action in your life and business.

Proxy Swicher Pro

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Product: Proxy Swicher Pro v5.3.1


Price: 49.95


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Proxy Switcher - surf anonymously
change proxy settings on the fly

There are times when you have to cloak your true IP address. It might be that you want to remain anonymous when you visit a particular website. Or your access to various social networking and entertainment sites has been blocked.

The solution is to use Proxy Switcher for all the anonymous browsing needs. It can be used to avoid all sorts of limitations imposed by various sites. Be that a download site that limits amount of downloads. Or video site works only in a particular country - more often than not it gets defeated by the anonymous browsing features Proxy Switcher provides.

On top of that, if you used to manually change proxy settings Proxy Switcher provides a way to change them much faster and easier.

  • Hide your IP address from the web sites you visit.
  • Penetrate bans and blocks on forums, classifields and download sites (rapidshare etc.).
  • Automatic proxy server switching for improved anonymous surfing.
  • Easy way to change proxy settings on the fly.
  • For webmasters - check search engine results from different countries.
  • Fully compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and other programs.
  • Full support of password protected servers.
  • Full support of Socks v5 and Elite servers.


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Product Price: $79


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Would you like to Get HUNDREDS of FREE Do-Follow Back links in as little as 7 days
and drive a flood of Visitors to your website?

  • Are you trying to improve your search engine rankings without much success?
  • Have you been wasting time and money on reading SEO eBooks?
  • Have you been wasting money buying Text Links ?
  • Have you been wasting time commenting on blogs only to find that Google ignores the links you post?
  • Are you tired and FRUSTRATED with your SEO results?

If you are, I understand exactly how you feel. When I started learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is the process in which you improve your website's ranking in the Search Engines results, I spent a lot of valuable time on reading eBooks, articles and forums. I found a lot of contradicting information, and a lot of the things I read in eBooks and tried actually hurt my search engine rankings.

But through this process I also learned a lot. And the most effective things I learned are implemented in DoFellow.

So are you ready to get your hands on the most simple yet powerful search engine optimization software EVER ?

Download and Run

  • After ordering Dofellow you will be taken to the download page for immediate download.
  • You will receive an activation code by email immediately.
  • You will be able to start using DoFellow immediately and start getting back links

Here's what will happen after you start using your DoFellow software:

  • You will get thousands of permanent back links to your website
  • A flood of traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN) will be driven to your website
  • Your income will increase in thousands of percents.
  • You'll sit back and see the money flow in.

Here's what you'll need to do for that to happen:

  • Use DoFellow to find relevant DoFollow Blogs
  • Use DoFellow to help you comment in the blogs you found and post your link in the comment.

Here's what you will NOT have to do:

  • Waste your money buying text links for hundreds of $ per year
  • Go through thousands of blogs to find one blog which is relevant and DoFollow.
  • Spend endless time reading overwhelming and outdated eBooks.
  • Buy expensive but useless SEO tools with recurring price model.
  • Pay $4500 a month for SEO service that gets you less links then DoFellow.

Digi Link Doctor

On January 9, 2012, in IM Softwares, by Kevin

Digi Link Doctor 1.3.1

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Product Price: $297


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Digi Link Doctor lets you…

  • Improve your search ranking: keep all your links working to make sure you get on the page you deserve
  • Tap into a brand new well of backlinks: this is a potentially huge resource just waiting to be exploited… let Digi Link Doctor apply the patch and the flood gates will open
  • Instantly patch broken links: Digi Link Doctor is constantly scanning for broken links. As soon as one is found, it patches with a ready-made web-page so you keep all your link juice
  • Get traffic that’s primed to buy sent straight to your pitch: simply set the patch page to redirect to your main site and you’ll have an audience that’s already got one hand in its wallet
  • Keep your reputation intact: easy customization of the patch page gives you complete control of the customer experience…
  • Never be caught out by broken links again: Every week you’ll get an e-mail showing you what Digi Link Doctor has patched… keeping you constantly informed and up to date
  • Get all the traffic that is rightfully yours: everyone trying to reach your site through a broken link is traffic you have earned through your good content… but your hard work isn’t getting the rewards it deserves. Digi Link Doctor guarantees that every bit of the traffic you’ve worked for reaches your site
  • Have the power of professional software at your command: I might be a bit of a techie, but this is complicated stuff… that’s why I hired a top-class programmer to write a top-class plugin.

All you need to do is upload the plugin and set it to work… just a ten-minute time investment for constant action.

IMPORTANT: This is not just an offline problem!

You might think this isn’t your problem…

I thought it wasn’t my problem…

There is about an 80% chance that you are losing traffic right now because of broken links. I’ll explain how I know that in a minute, but first, let me explain why you really don’t want this to happen:

  • You’re constantly losing link juice: you could have a link from a high-PR site attached to a top-level keyword… and it’s all for nothing. You could be two pages lower on Google than you should be, just because of a typo!
  • High-quality traffic is bouncing away: this is a willing audience who has made the decision to view your page, and WILL read your pitch… but all they’re seeing is a 404
  • Your reputation is damaged: if the first impression of your brand is a bad one, that traffic won’t come back
  • Your traffic is being sniped by competitors: right now, there are link builders hunting for broken links and offering a link to their site instead of yours.


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Classipress v3.1.5 Developer Edition  NULLED

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Product Price: $99


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The ClassiPress theme offers several different layout options. The ClassiPress WordPress theme comes with two distinct full layouts, including a blog layout and a Craigslist type layout. These layouts can be easily switched by utilizing a dropdown option. The Craigslist layout is a great way for site owners to offer a classified site with familiar navigation, allowing users to easily find what they are looking for. The ClassiPress theme also offers five widget ready sidebars, which implement WordPress’s drag and drop feature, making it easy for site owners to utilize widgets of their choice.

ClassiPress also contains many features that users of a classified site can utilize. ClassiPress comes with an ad submission form wizard, which offers an easy step by step process for users to submit their ads. ClassiPress comes with a user dashboard, allowing every single user of ClassiPress to have a full view of their submitted ads, expiration dates, and the ability to pause and edit their ads. Users of a ClassiPress powered site can also utilize a personal profile, which is a great way to promote user interaction.

There are several different ways for an owner of a ClassiPress powered site to sell ad space. A site owner may implement ad packages, flat rate pricing, featured listing pricing, or percentage based pricing. The many different ad selling options allow site owners to create a full ad community with different ad locations and allow the most prominent locations to sell at a higher price.

aMember Pro

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Product: aMember Pro 4.2.9 Nulled Download – FULL Version

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Product Price: $179,95


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aMember is a PHP script for membership and subscription websites.  With the growth of membership sites on the Internet, it’s definitely a plus to have a trusted name like aMember helping to manage the ins and outs of it all.  It allows you to setup paid membership areas and track members and their payments easily.  It also allows you to link your database and other third party scripts with ease.

This script is easy to install and has you up and running quickly.  It is very reliable and that’s a must for subscription type websites.  Being able to track members and their payments is the most important aspect of your membership site.  This software does it with ease and gives you piece of mind.

While setting up my site, I ran into a few snags along the way.  The support has been great.  I’m no expert the technical side of things, believe me, but aMember’s support system has always been there to help me through.

I like the automated sign ups and the fact I can send mail to new and old users alike.  That is a plus in my book.

I also like the member login area. My members can login in easily to check their accounts, including payments and new products I offer.  Each month I have new things coming out on top of their normal monthly subscription information so this makes it super easy for them to see what’s new while they are picking up their current month’s content.

WP Amaniche

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Product: WP Amaniche 3.0 - 100% working - Nulled


Price: $47


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Hi, Edwin here.

You may have or not heard of us, but we specialize in the development of WordPress Plugins (software) and related products that helps our Clients to make their lives easier and their businesses more succesful by automating processes that can normally take days or weeks to complete when done manually.

With the internet becoming more and more competitive time is of the essence and that time is much better spend on the marketing of your sites then the tedious stuff that doesn't make money for you.

More Time For Promotion Means More Sales

When we started out in internet marketing one of our business models was to create many sites selling physical products. With great energy we started to build our sites, creating descriptions, finding product pictures, getting our affiliate links ready and then placing all that info on our sites.

We were building site after site as we wanted an empire of product sites as the more sites you have the more money you are able to make. But then it hit home as the more sites we were having the more time we had to spend also to promote those sites, otherwise we weren't getting any visitors and therefore NO sales!

So we decided to work even harder, 16 hours a day and 7 days a week to build our empire of Product Sites as quickly as possible. But after a while we realised that we could not keep up with the promotion of all the sites we were building. This is where we realised that we needed to create software to automate the site building process...

[Limited To First 100 - Weight Loss Mega Pack] Grab Your Slice Of A $55 Billion Industry

Value: $7.65


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Dear fellow Warrior,

Are you missing out on visitors, leads and sales? When it comes to the weight loss niche content is still king. Whether you’re building websites or building a list you need good quality content… and lots of it!

Everybody knows that weight loss is a HUGE industry. In fact up to $55 billion each year is spent on weight loss products and services. It represents up to 12% of total annual expenditure!

Without content you have no way of connecting with this huge market of hungry buyers! You can spend hours sitting at the computer, doing the research, typing away at the keyboard and trying to come up with something decent, you could have someone else do it for you and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars or you could get everything you need right here, right now

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AutoResponder Automated Income Secrets-Save time and money on your Business and earn KILLER PROFITS!

Value: $7


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Hi there Warriors

BabyMama here. I’m an internet entrepreneur, and I want to share some secrets with you that have the power to change your life. But before I get to that, I want to ask you a question.

Have you ever wondered if there’s one big secret to making it big online?

Have you ever stayed awake at night, asking yourself why your business isn’t breaking through to the consistent, killer profits you’ve heard about in success books and blogs?

I know I did. I spent years trying to build my businesses up online, only achieving success in slow, incremental steps.

[Animated Amazon Xmas Holiday] Marketing Videos

Value: $6.9


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Dear Warriors

With Christmas around the corner, it is the time of year for us to get Christmas gifts for our friends and loved ones again.

Now its your chance to take advantage of this event by promoting the top 10 Amazon products This Xmas Holiday.

Why Animated Videos work Best for Marketing?

We have made your job easy by creating a 10 Animated Videos that you can edit them and put your site/blog name on them. each one of these videos feature a cute Xmas character that reviews one of the best 10 Xmas product currently selling in Amazon.

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