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Dear Warriors,

Wanna know what’s the absolute fastest and easiest way to succeed online? It’s through COPYING something that’s proven to work!

Common sense, isn’t it?

The reason many people struggle in their online business is because they try to figure things out themselves!

Bad move.

These people end up wasting a whole bunch of time and money with little to no results to show for!

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I always SUCK at copywriting. I was never good at it. So, I am NOT going to pretend and try and chef up something fancy for you. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I let you know what I am thinking in a Hot sec. I am born and raised in New york city. Brooklyn, NY to be exact! But you see, I lost my union job as a Carpenter for 20years(corrupted A**holes). So, I felt like I was just realeased from prison, and thrust back into society. I was not use to a computer at all, growing up in the projects of East New York. That just wasn’t on our radar. So, having some money stashed for a rainy day I had to lose the fear of “The PC”.

I turned to the internet for guidance and after stumbling with a open wallet on Clickbank, I was broke. Having no more cash flow and stash cash, I resorted to lesser known ways to get the same job done for FREE, that other people would have to pay for. So, while learning some underground Truly feeling “like a Bum”- marketing tactics and researching what really DRIVES people to do things they do… something clicked…

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My name is James Renouf. Let me tell you that since I have started using Klout, and understanding the power and influence of it, my whole online strategy has changed dramatically. Now, you are going to have a complete mind shift in how you are interacting with people online and how you can have new revenue streams because of the information in this course.

First, you may not have heard of Klout.com. Well let me tell you that you need to learn about it ASAP for a bunch of reasons. Klout.com is a site that looks at what you are doing online and gives you a number which represents your online influence. Right now you are being judged by this site and by the millions of people and companies that use it. You may not like it, you may not agree with it, but it is happening.

Google Places Takeover

On January 20, 2012, in WSO Products, by jacob

Google Places Takeover

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What do our 56.3% optin rate squeeze pages , our recent $500,000 sales page and our1k visitor a day niche blog all have in common?

Beside their dashing good looks and an unmatched ability to get the job done, what they have in common is that they were all built on the New Authority Pro WP marketing powersuite.

Imagine, all the Niche Site Building, Sales and Conversion Driving, SEO dominating power used by multimillion dollar product vendors and secretive super affiliates tightly loaded into one explosive bundle that snaps onto your wordpress blog and transforms it into a Web Marketing Super Hero.

And makes it dead easy and fun to use.


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Do You Teach How To Make Money?

Yes I show you exactly what I started doing in 2008 at the beginning of the recession, and was able to build into a full time income through the recession.

Does This Give Me Action Steps?

Yes. This is set up in a way that takes you through steps.

What Do These Action Steps Look Like?

Step One: 8 videos on setting up and building your company-Everything from setting up your services of products-to launching your company in the marketplace

Step Two: 5 Videos On how to find people willing to pay you for the life you lived and how to grow your business into a powerhouse.

Step Three: A massive accumulation of traffic generation, 10 videos. This is where you get hours of training on exactly how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your products, sites, or services.

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Dan Thies, Leslie Rohde – Link Liberation Version 2.0 Module 3

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We will post the entire 12 Modules include Bonus One module each week. See you next week

What is Link Liberation 2

Now, for those of you who missed out on it in when Link Liberation 2 debuted last Fall, let’s start out with a quick overview. Link Liberation is really all about creating systems for your SEO that free you from the traditional linkbuilding methodology and create instead a self-sustaining system of getting unsolicited links to your site naturally. Link Liberation is run by Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde – two of this industry’s all time SEO greats.

Mike and I have followed Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde for years. They have some of the best SEO minds in the industry and many of the tactics and strategies we practice today come from their teachings – especially their bottom up approach to keyword research. They have been industry leaders for many years and are frequent trend setters in a world of followers. Bottom line is that there are very few SEO people that Mike and I really listen to more than these two.

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Stock market trading and forex trading strategy

On January 20, 2012, in Forex, by jacob

Stock market trading and forex trading strategy – Products_Price_Action_Course

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Japanese Candlesticks are so popular and used by so many traders that most every charting program includes the option to use Candlesticks.

Yet most traders don’t know how to use them tools effectively (meaning “profitably”).

There are multitudes of Candlestick Patterns with esoteric names and it can be very challenging to memorize them all. But the good news is you don’t have to!

Behind the flowery names and their Asian mysteries, Candlestick Patterns are actually very logical.

1,000 FREE Visitors In Just 24 Hours

On January 20, 2012, in E-books & Course, by jacob

1,000 FREE Visitors In Just 24 Hours

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Dear Friend,

Now that I have your attention, and you have the proof, let's talk about the huge changes that have swept the Internet in the past couple of years, and how you can take advantage of them to make a lot of money.

People are more connected today than ever. Social sites like You Tube and MySpace are all the rage. What makes them so popular? The user-contributed content and the ability to share that content with anybody.

Broadband is the norm now, so people can watch videos of all kinds of crazy things--funny videos, gross videos, shocking videos. If you can dream it up, chances are it's probably already on the video sharing sites.

Some people are already making use of these sites, but not to the full. For example, Weird Al, a popular comical musician in the United States, recently put up a music video on Google Video. That video has generated more than 8 million views! The sad part is that the video didn't take full advantage of that huge audience by converting viewers into visitors.

People who have tried to market using videos in the past know how difficult it can be to get even a small number of the thousands of viewers to convert into visitors to their web sites. It requires the right formula, a simple but elusive combination that will launch your website traffic--if only you knew what that formula was.

Well I'm about to show you my magic formula, the formula that converts more than 25% of people who view my videos into VISITORS to my web site.

Imagine, day after day, thousands of visitors to your website, just by creating easy-to-make videos that you distribute to all of the video sites in just minutes (I'm going to show you how to do that, too).

To teach you all of this, I've created a report called 1,000 Visitors In 24 Hours. It's a knowledge-packed report that will teach you everything you need to succeed with video in a market that's ripe for the pickin'!

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[WSO of the Year?] Micro Cash Machines – 95% Discount “Never Seen Software” 5 in 1, LIMITED OFFER!


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Dear Warriors,

From: Daniel Lew & Soren Jorgensen

Myself together with my partner have been working behind the scenes for some months working on this very powerful piece of software we are excited to say is ready for public BUT for a limited time!

We are giving Warrior Forum members first in best dressed opportunity before we go live on webinars and will make this software available by invitation only. When we go live we will close down this thread and this software will no longer be available to the public.

Unlimited Cash Sites At Your Fingertips

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