[WARNING] Do NOT Buy another Domain or even TRY SEO – Until you Read this! (Rave Reviews + Bonuses)

Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/520573-warning-do-not-buy-another-domain-even-try-search-engine-optimization-until-you-read-rave-reviews-bonuses.html

Product Price:$14


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Great report. As a carry over from the 2000 bust, it's nice to know those of us that held on to our inventory are finally see some appreciation coming back into the dot com and domain markets. (Could real estate be far behind? hehe)

Kidding aside, I love your summation and while there are additional ways to make this work, your current methodology is right on and explained beautifully. A webpreneur's "must have!"

Good insight! Great Job!

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ClickBump SEO

On April 22, 2012, in SEO Tools, by jacob

ClickBump SEO 3.5

Sale Page: http://clickbumpengine.com/clickbump-seo/

Product Price:$27


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With ClickBump SEO!, you can get an instant SEO! Score for each of your pages and posts as you edit them.

The ClickBump SEO! Score is calculated using a skillfully refined algorithm that has been developed over years of research and trial and error with real world sites and Top 10 rankings in highly competitive niches.

The ClickBump SEO! panel sits right beside your page editor, providing valuable instant feedback on a variety of critical on-page SEO factors including:

  • Keyword Density Percentage (my algorithm provides your exact keyword density and scores your page accordingly)
  • Total Word Count. (Your page’s content must meet a minimum word count for maximum SEO potential)
  • Checks all the most critical on-page SEO factors including some you’ve likely never even considered that have a definite impact on your page’s ranking. The tool analyzes keyword placement and location within the text, as well as the exact markup needed to rank at the top of the search engine, including step by step instructions for every critical suggestion it provides. Its the closest thing to having an SEO expert optimizing every post and page on your site.
  • Allows you to easily update or change your page’s target keyword phrase without leaving the editor and automatically updates your SEO! Score against the keyword phrase.
  • Calculates your page’s overall SEO! Score and updates it each time you edit the page
  • Display’s each page’s SEO! keywords and SEO! Score on the Posts and Pages listings for at-a-glance analysis
  • Provides specific suggestions to improve your SEO! Score on each page.
  • Scores both posts AND pages right out of the box

ClickBump SEO! is ideally suited for the novice WordPress publisher or even the Web publishing expert who has little time to fully analyze each and every page. It automatically evaluates your post content and presents the results in an easy to read bulleted listing along with suggestions that you can immediately implement to improve your rankings and SEO! Score.

Ryan Lee’s – 1K Per Day Formula System Module 3

Sale Page: http://1kperdayformula.com/replay/

Product Price:$497


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Why Should You Trust Me?.

Author of 2 best-selling books “Millionaire Workout” and “Passion to Profit” Over 250,000 loyal subscribers. Featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and the cover of Million Blueprints Magazine

If you’re on this page, you probably know about me. But if not, here’s a little more…

I started my first web site at the beginning of the Internet, in 1999 on a budget of $100 out of my parent’s basement while still working full time in a Children’s rehab hospital.

I grew that one simple fitness web site into a full-fledged empire that now generates 7 figures per month. I still run business that have nothing to with “making money” – so I always practice what I preach.

And best of all, I teach thousands of people who to build a real lifestyle business. The same one that let’s me spend a lot of time with my wife and 4 young children. That’s what it’s all about.. Freedom.

[400+ RAVING Customers] The $20k+ A Month “Zero-Selling” Offline Revolution [PROOF]

Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/524365-offline-rave-reviews-game-changer-20k-month-clients-call-you.html

Product Price: $21.14


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Finding clients doesn’t have to be hard.

It’s actually really easy once you know how – and we’ll show you how to attract more clients than you’d ever have time to work with in less than 7 days, without cold calling, “soliciting”, “selling” or talking to anyone who isn’t already desperate to work with you…

But finding clients is just the beginning of the problems we see…
…People are approaching this business all wrong – there’s a whole different side, where you can make a whole lot more money – and we never see people talking about it on forums…

Spending Days “Chasing” Clients And Trying To “Sell” Them Services They Don’t Want Sounds Like A Lot Of Work To Me…

I don’t know about you, but I got into this business for freedom.

Oil Trading Macro Code Videos

On April 20, 2012, in Forex, by jacob

Oil Trading Macro Code Videos

Sale Page: http://www.oiltradingacademy.com/index.html

Product Price: $400


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David, owner of Oil Trading Academy and trader for 11 years teaching traders around the world to make fortunes trading oil with a revolutionary secret “indicator” that has a proven 90% success rate that can be both backtested and forward tested. This indicator was discovered by me in 2006, and with this indicator traders all over the world are taking advantage of it and making themselves rich. Watch the 4 videos below showing the accuracy of using this “secret code” indicator:

STOP: Want proof? Free 3-hour demonstration during market hours showing in real-time right before your eyes the incredible accuracy of using the “Secret Code” coming Wednesday April 25th, from 12:00 noon EST to 3:00 pm EST. Entire event will be recorded. Watch the proof for yourself in real-time of 80% to even 90% accuracy rate. This demonstration will prove to you that what I have is exactly what you want and desperately need as a trader of the futures markets. IMPORTANT NOTE: This demonstration is free to those who have not attended the previous demonstrations through Omnovia. If you have already attended the previous demonstrations and want to attend this one as well, you must first contact me and pay $10 for the cost of your seat.


[Get OFFLINE SEO Clients] Without Ever Picking Up The Phone or Leaving the House!

Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/532501-get-offline-search-engine-optimization-clients-without-ever-picking-up-phone-leaving-house.html

Product Price: $12


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Getting clients is the #1 problem most people doing SEO for offline clients have!

Lets face it we are marketers not sales people so marketing face to face or
cold calling leads can be very intimidating.

It keeps most people from earning as much as they can

I struggled with this myself. So eventually I decided to hire a sales staff.
That turned into a nightmare because I learned that I had to train the
sales people on all things SEO so they could sell my services.

I one day came upon a blog post that changed the way I thought about
marketing to offliners. It gave me a whole new system for finding new leads
using 100% online tactics, I never had to go out and visit a business or
cold call any one. The only skill it requires is the ability to write.

The other day I was telling a friend about this method and was actually
suprised to learn that no one else is tapping into this known resource for finding
Seo clients.

No one is using this technique to find SEO Clients as I do

Once you learn how to use this technique
Never again will you have to;

  • Knock on Local Business Doors
  • Cold Call Businesses
  • Hire and Train a Sales Team
  • Do Any Face to Face Marketing
  • Hand Out Flyers
  • Buy Advertisements
  • Mail Out Postcards
  • Worry About Improving Your Website Rankings
  • Buy any FB, PPC, PPV (or any other type of paid adverts)
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[PR-7 Actual Page Backlinks] Your WebSite #1 in Google Tomorrow or Refund

Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/500581-google-pagerank-7-actual-page-backlinks-your-website-1-google-tomorrow-refund.html

Product Price: $9.98


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How To Find UNLIMITED High PR Actual Page Blogs That Allow You To Leave a DoFollow Link in the Comment.

  • Step I. Five sources of Unlimited High PR Backlinks - p.5
  • Step II. Four Methods to Find High PR Blog Pages - p.11

a. ScrapeBox Method - p.12
b. Google Free Method - p.19
c. Traffic Travis Free Method - p.23
d. SEOmoz Free Method - p.28

+ How to Create your own Premium High-PR-on-the-Actual-Page Blog List which will be Unique and only for Your Own use.

  • Step III. How to post comments and make your links look important to Google - p.36
  • Step VI. How to get the backlinks indexed in minutes - p.38

Pete Bennett’s – 90 Days Social Media Traffic System Week 11

Sale Page: http://socialmediatrafficsystem.com/

Product Price: $997


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This system has been PROVEN to work in almost ANY business... it doesn't matter what your product is... it doesn't matter what your service is... it doesn't matter how tough your competition is... or how competitive your market is...

The single greatest benefit of the 90-day Social Media Traffic System is that I will personally help you learn how to adapt my strategies and my systems to YOUR Business... no matter what that is...

And even if you don’t yet have a business…

I’ll help you find the markets that I feel present the BEST OPPORTUNITIES for you online... and make sure you know what to do to get started.

I'll tell you EXACTLY what I would do to go after that market if I were in your shoes.... step-by-step-by step...

I'll lay it all out for you in my private members area... and you will have unrestricted access to the material inside the site...

PLUS (and this is what makes this programme completely unique) I’ll be there to PERSONALLY ANSWER any of your questions...

So as you read this next section please keep this in mind...

I'm going to tell you who I am... and show you how I can help you grow your business... but I have to do so by telling you about my business and how I use my strategies and systems to grow.

But my business is not your business... my training program is all about helping you apply my proven traffic-getting system to YOUR business... no matter what your business "does" or sells...

So remember, I'm going to talk about how I use my tools and techniques to run and grow my business...

But the fact is that I can help you apply them to your business NO MATTER WHAT your business may "do" or sell.



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MASSIVE Brand New PLR Collection Catapults Your VIRAL MARKETING Campaigns For 2012!

Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/518797-massive-brand-new-private-label-rights-collection-catapults-your-viral-marketing-campaigns-2012-a.html

Product Price: $17


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Sounds like a great idea, but what happens if a 1000 people buy it? Won't we all have the same content?

That is the reason why Calvin is only keeping the sale to 7 days only, to limit the sales.

Also, since this PLR collection comes with PLR rights, you can edit the articles by spinning them or by just simply rephrasing whichever way you like with the articles to keep them unique to yourself and your audience. Nothing stopping you from doing that right?

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Forex Pip Fishing™ – A Forex System For Catching Pips All Day Long

Sale Page: http://www.forexpipfishing.com/

Product Price: $27


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Forex Pip Fishing is for intraday trading. This may not suit everyone – but that’s where the money is for me. Some of you may be wondering if my system works on higher timeframes like 4-hour and daily.

It probably does, I’ve never tried it, so I am only offering my system on the timeframes that I know it works on – which is the intraday timeframes from 5-minute to 30-minute.

As you will see, the timeframe you choose to trade is not critical. All you need to do is make sure you follow the three simple, step-by-step rules – and the system will do the rest.

We have stoplosses and take-profits calculated well in advance. Again, as with the rest of the system, it’s very, very simple!

I hope you’re getting a good idea of how simple to trade my Forex Pip Fishing system really is.

I’m being as upfront and honest with you as I can about my system and what it can do.

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