Lex van Dam Complete Bundle Series

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Lex van Dam Complete Bundle Series

Sale Page: https://www.udemy.com/trading-courses-complete-budle-series/

Product Price: $1999


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Finally I've got some spare time to refresh my trading knowledge and learn new trading techniques, and this bundle was the right purchase for me. Section 1- helped me to 'get back on the trading track.' Section 2- I was impressed and excited to learn the same strategy as it was used on 'Million Dollar Traders' show. Great experience! Also, both FX courses gave great insights on technical analyses and indicators, and much more.. This bundle saved my time and wallet! Thanks


Lisa Sasevich – Event Profit Secrets

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Lisa Sasevich – Event Profit Secrets

Sale Page: http://www.eventprofitsecretslive.com/

Product Price: $3997


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If you join us, here's what you're going to walk away with:

• My exact strategic plan for how I sell out my events WEEKS in advance. (No more pulling your hair out because your event isn't filling)

• How to structure your event content so it's powerful AND leads to filling your mastermind or mentorship program. Best yet, you won't sound sales-y or inauthentic, it will simply be an extension of the transformation your attendees are already experiencing just by being at your event

• The secret to picking the right speakers; How many, when to put them on, the contracts we use. Most people don't realize how critical this choice is to the success and profitability of your event

• My simple Tic-Tac-Dough System! You'll have to attend to find out what this is and how it works to maximize sales from start to finish throughout your event.

• What you should and absolutely should NOT offer at your events. This is the BIGGEST mistake I see and I see it made at almost every event I attend. Worst yet, if you do this, it will cost you thousands!

• My strategies for abolishing post-event collection issues. Yes, you really can keep the sales you've made, if you structure things right up front

• Samples of every email we use to drive our clients into events and get them so excited they share our promotional materials with their friends. Trust us, we are clearly doing A LOT you can't see simply by pressing your nose against the glass. Be prepared to be wowed by a ton of simple yet powerful marketing brilliance!

• How to create huge buzz around your event with social media and other virtual buzz-building secrets we use! (We increase our list by thousands before, during and after every event we have. Are you stepping over a massive list building opportunity?)

• Huge cost-saving strategies. Yes, it IS possible to have a champagne event on a beer budget (Corona that is!) In fact, I bet this ALONE will pay for your seat at this event because I'll EASILY be able to shave $5,000, $10,000 or MORE from your budget

• How to build hunger and desire for your offer throughout your event. We have the most innovative ways of doing this and they are fun, simple PLUS the audience is always begging for more!

• Planning your VIP party and/or VIP seating. What to do and not to do around this complicated decision. BUT if you do it correctly, it can be a huge profit center on it's own.

And that's just the beginning! I predict you will have so many Aha! moments that you'll need a special notebook just to record them all!


Dave Kaminski – WordPress Secrets for Marketers

Sale Page: http://webvideouniversity.com/wps/

Product Price: $99


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WordPress is really just a database and a bunch of code. To get it to do what you really want, you have to add extra stuff to it, like themes and plugins. This is where the magic happens...and it's also where the nightmares begin.


That's because you never really know what you're getting with this "extra stuff". Some of it is free and fantastic. Some of it is free and horrible. Some of it you have to pay for and it's amazing. Some of it you have to pay for and it sucks.

In this training I'm going to tell you point blank what's good and what sucks. In fact, I'm going to show it to you by actually demonstrating this "extra stuff"...if something has warts, you'll see them, if something works beautifully and intelligently, you'll see that too.

I don't pull any punches, play any favorites or promote anything. I just tell you what your options are, and then say "look, when you use this in the real world, here's what's going to happen".

If you've ever wasted time and money on something that didn't work as advertised, you know how valuable getting the straight facts like this can be. I've already wasted my time and money for you, so you can see what's good and what's not. Shoot, I not only tell you what to use and what to avoid, but I even share with you what I use on my own WordPress sites.

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