[$5 WSO] Lee Murray’s “From the Top” – Simply Unreal!

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5WSOLeeMurray-20141215Nothing but a laptop and all the knowledge and experience I've acquired throughout my 7-year internet marketing career... the good and the bad.

For example, knowing what I know now, I would never start my career by crafting a high-converting squeeze page. No solo ads, ad swaps, forum sig links, or giveaway events. No free gifts in exchange for email addresses.

That's right... I'd avoid ALL that shit!

And I'd save myself a whole lot of time and heartache.

When you follow along with me in “From the Top,” you'll avoid these common pitfalls, as well. I only give you the truth. The most effective strategy that I know of. The exact thing that I currently do... that's right... I'm doing it right meow!

And it's absolutely working.


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