500+ SOLD [YES FIX your FANPAGE SSL] WordPress Security Revealed – & SSL Bonus package!

Value: $9.95

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Greetings Warriors

Finally a solution for WordPress using SharedSSL!!

I show you how to update your WordPress pages using sharedSSL. That means a secured site at no cost to you!! And no – this is not with some plugin!!

Yes, you can currently use this new https:// site to update your Fanpage Secure Canvas Application tab when completed! You may have seen a tutorial or two floating around the internet on how to accomplish this, but did you also know you could CRASH your site if you DON’T take proper precautions?? I teach you everything so you are not left with a site that don’t work!!

Fact is, currently there are 9.6+ Million users (and rapidly counting) that can’t see your Fanpage if it isn’t secured!

You must secure your fanpages to be seen by those browsing right now over the secured environment!

Once you apply the fix, you can apply your new https:// connection to update your Fanpage secured settings so those existing people browsing over a secured environment can see you

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