65 Million Views – Thumbnail Formula

On October 19, 2011, in WSO Products, by Kevin


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“Learn How To Get More Views On Your Videos Than Ever Before”

NO Technical Skills or Tools Required… Step-By-Step Guide Explains All

Dear Warrior,
Would you like your videos to get the attention they deserve?
Are your videos generating traffic, subscribers, reputation or money?
As with many things in life video marketing is a numbers game,
in simple terms the more views your video gets the more money you can make.

I recently discovered a little know fact, that’s so simple yet so powerful. It will shock you.

It’s hard to believe but your video thumbnail is the most important aspect of your video and will determine how many views you’ll get.
Don’t believe me ? here’s a example of what I’m talking about.

The chances are that you’ve already seen this video, you were probably compelled to watch it. I know I was.


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