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I was very impressed with this WSO.

I have over 20 sites that are ranking for extremely competitive keywords so I do know my SEO stuff. I decided only to follow this WSO to a “t” and not use my methods. In just few days I have gotten my site on page 1 for extremely competitive keyword. And it has pulled me in 3 clients who all pay me $1500 a pop.

So do your math.

This is hands down the first time ever I have purchased a WSO related to SEO where I learnt a lot of things. Sure every now and again there are WSO’s where a seasoned guy can get some new tips and tricks. But this one was filled with them .

The keyword research part was amazing. There are ways David shows how to determine the actual keyword search volume that does not involve days of testing or running PPC ads. Some very clever and unknown ways.

Also the way he is using social bookmarking ,even though known to me, is unknown to most guys out there.

All in all it beats all the “guru” courses on SEO and really should be WSO of a MONTH at least.

Very well presented and David, props to you for sharing this stuff.

You can count that I will be buying your stuff in future

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