A Changing Standard For SEO Spam

On April 4, 2013, in E-books & Course, by Billy

A Changing Standard For SEO Spam

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When you look at ovethar 250,000 links from Penguin-penalized sites, you learn a thing or two. We put together a report based on an analysis of a lot of links, and found t:

  • While folks like to portray Google as fumbling their anti-spam efforts and missing many offenders, the big G may simply be prioritizing.
  • Google is becoming less and less tolerant of link spam. So there’s no “safe” amount of manipulative links in your profile.
  • You need to talk to your SEO agency or expert. Find out what kind of links they’ve been adding. If they’re manipulative in any way, understand: You are at risk of a penalty.

No sermon here: Do what you feel is right for your business. But do it with an eyes-open understanding of the risks. If you want to see the specifics, check out our new report, “A Changing Standard for SEO Spam.” No e-mail required, no strings attached.


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