Affiliate Link Magic

On June 20, 2013, in E-books & Course, by Billy

Affiliate Link Magic

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Affiliate Link Magic

Attention Affiliate Marketer!

Does this sound familiar..? You find an affiliate program on Clickbank or Commission Junction that looks good, has a solid sales letter and a generous affiliate payout. You decide to promote it using Google Adwords aka; The Google Cash Method and you wait only to find out that one of three things happened…

1. You sell nothing. Your conversion rate doesn’t justify the cost per click of visitors AND you have no new subscribers!

2. You send hundreds of fresh new visitors to HIS site and end up with a few sales and maybe break even on the cost of Adwords from the commission you made. (Meanwhile the owner of the software/ebook adds hundreds of your visitors to his list and makes a killing on it!)

3. You make a review page for the program that is getting sales and you send thousands of your visitors to the affiliate page and make some money, but your list does not grow at all and the thousands of visitors that you introduced to the product owner never knew you existed!


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