Authority Site Model

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Authority Site Model

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Here's just a few benefits of building an Authority Site:

  1. Higher earnings potential.
    Your earnings potential from even one Authority Site is much higher than any other type of site.  I've personally earned as much as $100,000 per year from just one site and have started many others that earn well into the 5-figure per year range.
    And there are many people earning so much with these types of sites that it makes my income look like pocket-change.
  2. Stability of your income.
    Google doesn't like push button sites with low quality content and even considers them a direct violation of their quality guidelines. So if you're currently building those types of sites I'm afraid your hard-earned income isn't going to last very long.  The writing, literally, is on the wall.
    So by building something that adheres to their guidelines and actually offers value to your visitors you're helping ensure long-term success for yourself.
  3. Management of your online business is easier.
    Who really wants to manage 100's of sites?  You'd feel more like a tech support person than a business owner.  Starting an Authority Site keeps the boring maintenance down. You can build more than one of these, but even if you do, you're not going to build 100's. A small handful will work for the highly motivated.
  4. Link building is easier.
    Building links back to 100's of sites is crazy work and very costly.  No real sites link to thin affiliates or low quality sites so the only hope of ranking them high is with expensive manufactured backlinks.
    With an Authority Site, webmasters will see the value of what you've got. They will link to you. I know many methods of proactively gaining these links too so you're not just sitting around waiting.
  5. You open the door to other traffic generation methods.
    No one passes around a thin affiliate site or a doorway page with poor content.  But people frequently share Authority Sites so you have real potential to get viral traffic.
    You can even build a following with an Authority Site and build a list around that topic. This will only help grow your income and keep it stable.
  6. Pursue a real business model.
    This is a real business model, it's not about spamming for an income.  You're following along with what some of the top sites on the Internet are doing, but on a smaller scale (unless you're really ambitious and want to go full speed ahead).
    You'll be doing something you can take pride in. You won't feel like you have to hide your sites from people you know.

The fact is, a real business always offers value. That's the main principle behind making money.

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