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I haven't posted an update in a while, but I really HAD to come in here and tell you that I wish I could come and kiss your face! I remember when I first got this, I was excited because I couldn't believe how much this simplified what I was doing for businesses and it made my part easier. Well I decided to just dig in and get started, and to my excitement, this thing is really taking a life of it's own. I knew I had something good when I hit my first $600 day! I thought it was a fluke, but the next day... $422.16 in my account!

Here's what just 14 days did for me:

8/03: $613.01 8/04: $422.16
$576.85 8/06: $600.45
$719.94 8/08: $722.53
$743.02 8/10: $696.43
$756.24 8/12: $795.50
$776.07 8/14: $745.39
$541.20 8/16: $589.61

It makes me sick to think that I didn't think of this sooner!

I will say, that I feel like if everyone just sits down and thinks about this from the mindset of a business owner who has a need for this. Once you put yourself in that perspective, that's when you get creative. Sarkis, this is just brilliant. I mean I literally used to do this the hard way, and you gave me something that I really CAN do.

Be creative guys! Test to see what works best, and once you get your strategy, scale it up! I'm ECSTATIC right now, my earnings are soooooo consistent, and this WSO does what it says, cause it's AUTOPILOT. The hardest part is just getting yourself setup, don't procrastinate, it's AWESOME!!!! Thanks again Sarkis for giving us a WSO we can believe in



Q.Do you know of anyone that has made money using your system?

A. POST to my other thread by WOLF 29

I got things setup about a week or so ago and made a couple of sales. One was for webhosting so I made a $100 first time signup commision plus will get recurring hosting commissions. I also made a clickbank sale for $45. 

What I’ve been doing is just interacting on some of the forums that were listed for small businesses in order to get traffic. Can’t rely on Google.”

Here is the link to that post:
[CLOSED] Business Turn Key Exponential

Q. Do I need to know about business credit or how to fill a credit application?
A. No you are not a lender and neither am I. Only banks issue loans and governments issue grants and the loan and grant application is between the lender and the business owner. This service you provide shows businesses what they need to do to increase their odds for funding such as creating a business plan, etc. YOU DON’T EVER (UNLESS YOU WANT TO) TALK TO THE BUSINESS OWNER, OR PROVIDE ANY SERVICE TO THEM (UNLESS YOU WANT TO) LIKE CREATING A BUSINESS PLAN.

Q. Is there an OTO / Upsell and how much is it?
A. There are 5 bonuses and they are TECHNICALLY free, but you have to do something small to unlock it and it does not involve spending money. To see requirements of how to unlock the BONUSES / OTO‘s you can either get your first sale with this wso or please visit to see a second option.

Q. This looks like the same WSO as [CLOSED] Business Turn Key Exponential Why did you close that and start this?
A. Sorry, but we did not expect the response we got so we had to shut it down to focus on servicing our existing customers and to enhance the method. That is why it took me 2 months to start it up. The system has been revised to make it much less complicated than what it was 2 months ago.

Q. Will this work for out of USA residents?
A. Yes. Anyone in the World can do this, BUT you HAVE to promote this free offer to businesses in the USA.

Q. Are you going to shut down this WSO like you did the last time?
A. Very likely. I want to make sure each person is making money using my system. I usually shut it down once we hit about ~1000 sales.

Q. What do I need to set up?

1. You will need to set up a squeeze page. In the WSO I provide you one where it is free and easy to use, but wont work on Mac and you need a PC. (OPTIONAL NOT NEEDED)

2. You will need to host that squeeze page on a website. (OPTIONAL NOT NEEDED)

3. I give you a document that you will have to edit (this process can take up to a week or longer but once its done the automated system kicks in and you are done practically forever — even years to come.)

4. Spend 1 -2 hours a day with how I show you to get traffic which will generate visitors to your squeeze page.


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