Autoresponder Software Know-How

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Autoresponder Software Know-How

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Autoresponder Software Know-How

FINALLY... Discover How To Find The Perfect Autoresponder Software For YOU So You Can Create Cash On Demand By Simply Clicking Send On An Email ...

Autoresponders Are An Essential Component Of Every Successful Online Marketers Business!

Email marketing is just as popular and profitable now as it was several years ago.

Ask any full-time and successful Internet marketer what their most valuable asset is and they'll tell you "hands down" it's their mailing list!

It's the simplest way of making money online. Write an email, hit "send" and then wait for the money to roll in.

Here's A Golden Tip..

It's been proven time and time again the money is not in the list but in the relationship you build with your list.

So by taking the time to build a relationship with your list not only will your subscribers stay with you month after month, and quite often year after year...

But they'll click through links in emails you send them so you bank with affiliate commissions as well as receive orders from your own products.

Having A List Makes You "Google Proof" And Puts Sales At Your Fingertips!
At the low end of the scale if you had a small list of 1000 subscribers...And you achieved 10% open rates so 100 subscribers opened the email you sent...

And around half of them (50) clicked thru your links do you think you'd make money from those "clickers"?

Of course you would!

At the opposite end I know many successful marketers across several niches with enormous responsive lists...

They only have to send out one email and they can easily rake in $1000 in commissions or sales of their own products!

I've heard of some marketers who make five or even six figures from a targeted email campaign!

Choosing An Autoresponder Is Often A Daunting And Overwhelming Process!

Here's the thing...

There are MANY different autoresponders out there, it's easy to get bamboozled with which one to pick.

And when you find one you like it's often DIFFICULT to pinpoint what you actually get for your money because you're bombarded with information and confusing terminology...

So quite often you need a degree in "nerd-speak" to figure it all out.

Don't Want Waste A Ton Of Money And Time On Something That Doesn't Meet Your Needs!

Some marketers (especially those new to Internet marketing) sign up to an Autoresponder only to find the deliverability is poor... when they discover many of their subscribers are not receiving their emails...

Or they find that the ability to switch subscribers from one group (or segment) to another is not quite as user-friendly as was advertised...

Or they get frustrated because they've signed up for an expensive "Swiss Army Knife" Autoresponder with a ton of features they don't actually need.

In other scenarios you may find yourself happy with your autoresponder, but oblivious to the fact you could've chosen another one that matched (or EXCEEDED) your needs at a significantly reduced price...

Your Future Subscribers Are Out There Waiting... You Just Need An Autoresponder Solution That Collects Them Into A Database and Delivers Your Emails To Them!

As our last product "Membership Site Software Know-How" was so well received, Thom and I thought it would be a great idea to create a new product on this theme.

Only rather than helping you find the perfect membership site delivery solution we're focusing on autoresponders instead.

Specifically a product where you can find out exactly what the popular autoresponders actually offer as well as what they don't ...

Saving you days and weeks of frustration by trying to figure it all out by yourself!

So Autoresponder Software Know-How Was Born!


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