AutoTubePress: Youtube Autoposting WordPress Plugin
Value: $47

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Hey what’s up?

Try this experiment:

Ask 100 random people on the street: “Are you familiar with sites like and”

Most people will say: “OF COURSE I know Youtube - I spend 2 hours a day there! What was that other site you mentioned?”

According to, is the 110th most popular site online (which isn’t bad) - HOWEVER Youtube is the 3rd most popular site…

Most people HATE reading. Even when they want to learn about something, they still prefer “edutainment” (education+entertainment) over “plain info”

The problem is that finding good videos and adding them to your site constantly can be a really tedious process. It takes a lot of time and energy.

So, even though I knew that this was a great idea, I was still not doing it, because I was busy with other things.

So, I decided to have a WordPress plugin created that would automate the entire process.

Check out the video above for a walk-though of the plugin.

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