Azon List Explosion

On April 25, 2013, in E-books & Course, by Billy

Azon List Explosion

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Azon List Explosion

I have fans now, like a rockstar or something.

I’ve been paid as much as $1,000.00 for these exact templates, tools and “amazon Lead Rockets” secrets. In fact, my business partner John S. Rhodes told me I was crazy to share this opportunity with anyone outside our “Inner Circle” of high-paid clients.

But, phooey!

You deserve to Get your own push-button list, all built on Amazon’s Free traffic –

You’ll discover…

  • How to add over 2,000 people to your own email list using nothing but free traffic… step-by-step, hands on, and easy enough for anyone
  • How to create the PERFECT email list in 5 easy steps, top to bottom, with no detail missing and no stone left unturned
  • How to quickly set up a unique kind of web page that magnetically attracts book buyers to your list with the least time and smallest effort
  • How to use the TWO MAGIC WORDS that force Amazon buyers to passionately throw themselves at you… and why they can’t wait to get on your email list
  • How to use a special “Mafia Offer” that forces customers to lustfully drool to get on your list (HINT: Set up your “lead rocket” page the right way!)
  • How to generate MORE MONEY from your fresh Amazon email list without creating any new products or writing any new books… Oh baby!
  • How to easily do everything necessary to add hundreds – if not thousands – of new buyers to your list, even if you’re a technical caveman (or cavewoman!)
  • How to fire off “Lead Rockets” that make Amazon pay you for adding happy buyers to your list… this is key to making over $1,000.00 per week in royalties
  • How to transform just one simple Kindle book into an entire publishing empire that simply requires a tiny “mental shift” in your thinking
  • How to avoid Kindle Royalty Destruction – It’s the rookie mistake you’ve got to know — Even experienced publishers are screwing this up really bad!
  • How to build your list ENTIRELY FOR FREE using this one program. It’s so simple and so easy that you’ll slap your head when you see it for yourself
  • And much, much more…

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