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On November 25, 2011, in IM Softwares, by jacob

Product: Blogbot 1.0


Price: $29.95


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Search Engines, Especially Google, Absolutely Love Blogs!

The problem is, in order to manage 100's of Blogs, you either need a large staff to get everything posted or a way to automate the process as much as possible. At Incansoft, we prefer automation - it not only saves you money better spent on other things, it allows you to stay in control.

And that's exactly why we developed BlogBot - to take back control and increase productivity across the board. No more outsourcing to unreliable freelancers and no more frustration following up, getting errors corrected and the ensuing migraine of trying to keep a handle on it all!

With BlogBot installed on your Windows Desktop, you call the shots - from automatically creating accounts on WordPress Blog Networks, to submitting your Blog Posts to those accounts. You do it on your terms, when you want too and eliminate all the headaches with the click of a couple of buttons.

BlogBot Features

  • Easily Add Your Own WordPress Blogs
  • Semi-Automatically Creates Blogs on WordPress Blog Networks (HOT)
  • Supports Multiple Submission Profiles
  • Supports Multiple Company Profiles
  • Supports Content Spun Using Jet Spinner Syntax (HOT)
  • Automatically Submits to Multiple Word Press Blog Networks (HOT)
  • Semi-Automatically Creates New Accounts (HOT)
  • Supports Blog Titles And Blog Post Rotation
  • Supports Blog Categories
  • Supports Unlimited Proxy Servers (HOT)
  • Supports CAPTCHA Submission using (HOT)
  • Includes Comprehensive Reporting Tools (HOT)
  • Supports Total Email Management Including Confirmation (HOT)
  • Multi-Threaded For High Speed Submissions (HOT)
  • Regularly Updated With New Services (HOT)
  • Free Upgrades For Life (HOT)

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