Brett Bartlett – Azon Product Engineer

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Brett Bartlett – Azon Product Engineer

Can I show you the EXACT system I use to create, launch, and sell my OWN products on Amazon?”
Let me tell you the story of how became an Azon Product Engineer (A.P.E.) by selling my OWN simple products on Amazon.

“One of my favorite moments of being an Amazon Product Engineer was when I
created a super simple board game that sold crazy quick on Amazon. It
only took two days to sell and about an hour for me to build. I got the
pieces for the game from my local Target, Walmart, and Michael’s. Now we
are able to grow that business every month. Best job in the world!!!”

What are other’s saying about Brett’s mentoring?

“Brett’s success with “private labeling” and creating unique products for Amazon is purely genius.  His methods will add a new level of protection from competition as well as a steady stream of profitable inventory for you to sell. He’s already helped several students succeed with this concept and I’m excited to show my readers how they can succeed with this idea as well.”
- Jim Cockrum


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