Build Your List While Earning Recurring Clickbank Commissions in The IM Niche!

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Q.) Does this work on a Mac?

A.) No. This is a PC based software.

Q.) Will this be in the MIMC membership?

A.) Yes simply log in to the membership and download it from the product vault.

Q.) Are there any help videos?

A.) Yes. You will find product specific videos on the download page. You can find generic help videos that you can use for your customers at

Q.) The software doesn't run - it opens then closes after a few seconds...

A.) You MUST unzip the software in order for it to work properly. Also, extract it to its' own folder rather to a shared folder like your desktop. Some times there could be a similar program on your desktop that could interfere.

Q.) Can we see a demo funnel?

A.) Yes, just visit

Q.) What if I get a virus alert?

A.) This is a false positive. This happens with new software simply because it hasn't built up a reputation yet. I can assure that the software is clean and you can feel safe downloading and installing it.

Q.) It is asking for a registration key? What do I do?

A.) Click the button that says "Don't Have A Key?". You will be emailed the registration key after filling out the form.


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