Codecanyon Encrypted Cloud Storage 1.0.1

On May 23, 2013, in Wordpress, by Billy

Codecanyon Encrypted Cloud Storage 1.0.1

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Encrypted Cloud Storage

We’ve created this ‘encrypted cloud storage system’ for people who need a simple, clean and save online file storage system. It’s very easy for users to upload, manage and download files from their own user account, and even share their files with other users, using the sharing-link. It’s like Dropbox, but only safer and you can’t be sued for what your users upload!

The file storage system encryptes the files after they are uploaded, so without the private decryption key, they are not readable, not even for you.

Encryption means no unwanted persons looking into your folders

We provided a simple install-file, that does most of the installation work for you, as we explain in de ‘Installation’-tab in the included documentation.

Start your own cloud storage system TODAY!



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