Content Lock PRO 2 – Triple Your Income Today

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Content Lock PRO 2 – Triple Your Income Today


We all know content lockers have been around for quite some time now. From the outside that probably makes a content locking solution look like a bad way to go. Those of us who make tons of money protecting content though KNOW that the reason content lockers are still a great option is that they work … to a point anyway.

UNTIL NOW – content lockers have been bleeding out your profits eight ways from sunday. Not working in some browsers – leaking referers – opening on a timer?

It’s almost funny how poorly previous products have implemented such a great monetization idea – LOCKING CONTENT.

Take Black Hat Code Breaker for example. As a previous generation leader in this industry, it partially paved the way for OUR much more exotic content locking solution. People made hundreds of thousands of dollars with BHCB, if not MILLIONS. But how much money was left on the table by BHCB users?


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