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Introducing Copywriter Kings

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  • Here's What You'll Get
  • Top 3 DEADLY mistakes warriors are doing while writing copy for their WSO that KILLS their conversions...
  • What are top elements of WSO sales page that makes the biggest difference (and how to improve it for quickest results)
  • How different is writing a copy for WSO and for different markets (like Clickbank), and what mindset you need to adopt to get an ultimate edge...
  • Exclusive Live Critiques over latest WSOs - Learn from top copywriters *LIVE* as they'll go through 10+ different WSO sales pages and point out all the good and ugly aspects (you may get surprised by it...)
  • Best tools, swipe files, websites and resources to save time in copywriting. Discover best strategies how to write copy faster and more efficient...
  • Unique recommendations for complete newbies how to become great copywriter learning just few vital things
  • How to develop a KILLER USP (Unique Selling Proposition) with exact examples to stand out from the competitors and boost your conversions
  • Best strategies to establish a rock-solid credibility and become a trusted advisor
  • What each headline needs to address to explode your conversion rates dramatically... These elements are often overlooked but so important!
  • The difference between features and benefits and why you need them BOTH. This is one of the most common and very repeatable mistakes most newbie copywriters are making... Learn how to avoid it instantly
  • Long Copy Or Short Copy? The truth revealed which copy performs BETTER in WSO section...
  • How to craft a 'click-sucking' subject line to your WSO to get more clicks and sales than you ever though is possible...
  • What are the best places to add testimonials and how to present them for an outstanding social proof
  • Do these 2 simple changes to your guarantee section and see even 200% improvement in your conversions overnight...
  • Why hype will kill your conversions and how to avoid it
  • Using graphics vs not using graphics?? What will improve your conversions?? (this is not what you think)
  • Discover top Warriors hot buttons that you can push every single time to guarantee high conversions every time!
  • Couple of simple tricks you can do to increase your CTR and get more people to click on your 'Add To Cart' button...
  • SPECIAL BONUS 1 - Golden Nuggets For Each Interview ($27.00 Value) - No time? Get the best pieces for each interview in short 1-2 pages PDF report with 15-25 bullet points.
  • SPECIAL BONUS 2 - Copy-And-Paste Successful WSO Sales Page Template ($17.00 Value) - Legally steal my best performing WSO sales page template that was responsible for over 1,000 of sales. It will save you a ton of time on time-sucking difficult 'bbcode' copy formatting...
  • SPECIAL BONUS 3 - Ultimate Swipe File ($27.00 Value) - Hundreds of examples of headlines, bullet points, intro story openers, testimonials, order box texts and PSs so you can basically copy-paste and modify quicker then you think. Stop all your frustrations working hours upon hours to write a sales copy, now you can do it 2-3x faster with this swipe file!
  • SPECIAL BONUS 4 - Exclusive Interview With Brad Spencer ($17.00 Value) - Learn secrets strategies from the top Warrior who launched over 50 WSOs and made 1000s of sales just from WSO section

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