Covert Copy Traffic

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Covert Copy Traffic

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Covert Copy Traffic - A Traffic Strategy So Powerful It's Currently Used By NBC, National Geographic, The New York Post & The Daily Mail

Warning: You're Losing 70% Of Your Potential Blog Traffic Right Now... But With This Game Changing WordPress Plugin You Can Get It All Back In Less Than 7 Seconds!

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We already know that most people share content via email, and almost all of them do so by copy and pasting.

By using this plugin, you are not trying to get people to change their habits.

You'd be quite happy to sit back and let them continue doing what they have always done...

Because now you reap the benefits every time someone copies and shares your content!

And the Covert Copy Traffic plugin does not interfere with your other social marketing strategies in any way.

It simply comes in and mops up all the links and traffic you were missing out on before.

Here's an example for you using the text from the screenshots above...

If people click the share button on that site and choose Facebook - it would post there as normal and all would be peachy.

But again - we now know that a huge chunk of them will copy and paste your content into Facebook and normally this would leave you with nothing.

Now with Covert Copy Traffic this happens when they paste your content into Facebook...example

As you can see, the link back to your site is automatically included here too!

Using technology like this is so powerful in generating links and traffic that would otherwise have been lost...

That major companies like:

* National Geographic
* The New York Post
* The Sun
* And The Daily Mail

All use this strategy on their websites!


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