Covert Mobile Bar

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Covert Mobile Bar

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Warning! You Are Flushing 15% Of Your Blog Traffic
Down The Toilet & It's Only Going To Get Worse!

But This Game Changing WordPress Plugin Finally Allows You To Profit From Your Mobile Traffic - Using The Same Strategies As Multi-Billion Dollar Companies Like Google & Apple!

Covert Mobile Bar is a super simple to use and install (1 click install) WordPress plugin. That means it will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.

In a nutshell the plugin will let you easily create a mobile bar for your blog, just like the ones Apple and Google use.

When you're inside you'll see the following super simple but very powerful options...

There Are Literally Hundreds Of Different Ways To Use The Covert Mobile Bar - And They All Result In A Better Experience For Your Visitors & More Money In Your Pocket!

We have found a ton of ways to use Covert Mobile Bar on our own blogs and I'm sure you'll find even more.

Every single one of them increased our bottom line by catching some of the mobile traffic that was previously lost to us - and here are just a few ideas...

    • If you have blogs that aren't mobile friendly (and it's hard to change that) - Covert Mobile Bar is the easiest way to at least add something that is mobile ready, so you can salvage some of the lost traffic and revenue.
    • You might have blogs that are perfectly optimized for mobile traffic, but chances are it's hard to monetize them - Covert Mobile Bar will instantly fix that
    • And even if you blog is both optimized for mobile and monetized - Covert Mobile Bar will only enhance it and bring you more revenue
    • You can link to mobile affiliate programs on Clickbank, Amazon, iTunes, CPA networks etc. increasing your revenue from mobile traffic.
    • You can use the bar to link to other page you have that are more mobile friendly - increasing the user experience for your mobile visitors.
  • And of course much more...

The key point here is that Covert Mobile Bar simply adds an extra layer of monetization to your blogs - without interfering with anything else.

You are simply adding extra revenue by offering something to the 15% of your visitors that were previously "lost" to you.

And as the number of mobile users keeps climbing using something like this will become increasingly important - in a few years it will probably be financial suicide not to use it!

This Strategy Works Like Crazy & Here's Why...

When people land on your blog and see the mobile bar appear it WILL draw their attention.

It looks like something they are familiar with from either the Apple or Android stores - you have instantly won their trust - after all shopping for apps is something people enjoy (and spend a LOT of money on).

And because the bar will look like the Apple or Google Play bar depending on the device this is multiplied even further. Smarthpone users are often almost religious about being either an Apple or Android fan - and your Covert Mobile Bar will automatically tap into that psychology!

But most importantly Covert Mobile Bar instantly adds an easy way for you to monetize the 15% traffic you are currently earning zero money from!

So the bottom line is that - that this strategy works like a charm - in fact...

Blogs With Covert Mobile Bar Installed
Started Making More Money Instantly!

It stands to reason right?

Your blog is currently receiving a bunch of traffic that your traditional monetization strategies aren't reaching.

You add a bar they are guaranteed to see - something they know and trust - and you link it to something that makes money from mobile traffic.

Of course you are going to see an increase in your revenue... how much depends on the amount of traffic (and mobile traffic) you have - but you will see an increase!



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