Rake In The Money With This Complete Amazon Package

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10 Hot Video Reviews With Website Graphics, Blog Posts, PLR Articles & Keyword Research

Amazon Video Profits Best Selling Camping Tents - Get In Quick With This Evergreen Niche & Start Making Money Today!
According to the Outdoor Industry Association sales in outdoor products have grown by over 5% in the last year alone! As people begin to struggle with their finances they're choosing to take holidays closer to home... and this means they need camping gear to keep them safe and warm. It's time to take action and be a part of this growing industry!

Now you have the chance to cash in on this huge niche with Amazon Video Profits - Best Selling Camping Tents. Everything you need to get started with Amazon is right here...

Amazon Video Profits Best Selling Camping Tents - Growing Market With Lots Of Hungry Buyers!

Increase conversions and give your customers exactly what they want with these videos that include a call to action. There's no need to edit the videos at all if you don't want to! Does it get any easier? Here's a preview of some of the slides...
All the videos are Amazon top sellers and most have a ton of reviews so you can be sure they are going to be popular.
There are a total of 10 videos and each video is around 60 to 90 seconds in length. They already include a call to action so you don't have to waste time adding your own text!

Camping Tent Reviews

  • Coleman Montana 8 Tent
  • Coleman Red Canyon 17-Foot by 10-Foot 8-Person Modified Dome Tent
  • Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Tent
  • Coleman 14x10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent
  • Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent
  • Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent
  • Coleman Sundome 2-Person Tent
  • Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent
  • Eureka! Solitaire - Tent
  • Wenzel Kodiak Family Cabin Dome Tent
Can I Have A Look At A Sample Video?
You sure can! All the videos are top quality and based on high priced items with good customer feedback. Click the links below to see a sample now...

All the videos come with MPEG-4 as well as the flash embed video files so you can upload them directly to your server.

You can of course upload them to video distribution sites or just display them on your own websites.


Bonus 1: Over 50 Keywords

I've included over 50 Google keywords based on the Camping Tents niche. Use them to search for hot domain names or find good post titles for your blog.

Bonus 2: Custom Website Design With PSD Files!

You get a complete custom designed website. I usually charge $47 for each site but you get it as a bonus with this WSO! Use it as a static html site or take the header, background and footer images to use on your own WordPress blogs.
The .PSD files are included so you can edit the graphics any way you like.

Bonus 3: Buy Now, Banner & Testimonial Box

I've included some extra graphics for you to spice up your own websites. Getting these graphics custom made would cost you a small fortune. They're all included as a special bonus with this WSO!

Bonus 4: Blog Posts

Need website content? No Problems! I've included 10 blog posts on the Camping Tents niche that correspond to the video reviews. You'll have no trouble coming up with some great content for your site or re-write them and use them to build other web 2.0 sites, such as Squidoo and Hub Pages, for some great link juice.

Super Bonus 5: Camtasia Source Files

I don't usually include these files at this price but as a super WSO bonus I'm giving away the source files so you can make any changes you like. Add your own website URL, change the audio, add your own pictures, or leave them exactly as they are... the choice is yours.

Double Super Bonus 6: eBooks & PLR Articles

All of the above bonuses are fantastic but I know you want more! That's why I've included 5 eBooks, bonus articles and more header graphics for you to use on your own sites. Use them for your own research, rewrite them for blog posts and articles or come up with your own eBooks/Kindle books or guides. You're limited only by your imagination.

A Quick Recap

Here's what you get if you buy today...

  • 10 Amazon video reviews based on the top selling products in the Camping Tents niche.
  • MPEG-4 files to upload to video distribution sites as well as the video files to embed the videos on your website
  • Product lists and Amazon URL's to easily get your affiliate code
  • Over 50 keywords based on the targeted niche.
  • Custom designed website with graphics, banners and template file (.psd).
  • Header image and matching footer.
  • 10 blog posts that go along with the video reviews
  • Camtasia source files for each of the video reviews.
  • Bonus eBooks, PLR articles and header graphics
  • Bonus training videos.

CPA Thunder Strike

On March 21, 2013, in CPA Stuff, by Billy

CPA Thunder Strike

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Crush CPA With Targeted Dirt Cheap Penny Traffic!

Traffic is the most essential aspect of ANY business. Without traffic, you don’t make money. Period. The more traffic you generate, the more commissions you can potentially bring in.However, it is not quite that simple.
You can’t just send a bunch of random traffic to your CPA offer and expect sky high conversions. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…CPA Guru Secret #24:
In order to maximize your conversions and utilize your traffic to its highest potential, you need to match the demographics of your traffic source to the demographics of your CPA offer!WOW! Mind blowing stuff, right?
Now all I need to do is insert some pictures of my private helicopter and me standing in front of my brand new Lamborghini parked in front of my 10 story mansion and I’ll gain your trust.All jokes aside, CPA marketing is simple, and there are some very basic principles you need to know in order to be successful. This includes knowing how to:

  1. Find the right traffic sources to use
  2. Choose which CPA offers to promote
  3. Build proper landing pages (there are plenty of free ready made templates available)
  4. Properly track, analyze, and optimize your campaigns

That’s it! Those are the 4 basic principles to CPA marketing success. If you don’t want to deal with any of these 4 simple principles, then stop reading and go invest in the next “shiny object” or hyped up product launch. I only want to help those who are serious about being successful.

So how can I help you?

In case you haven’t heard of me, I am a highly regarded CPA marketing expert, and I have launched several products which have helped start the successful CPA marketing careers of countless Warriors. I’m not one to brag, but I want you to know that I know what works, and I have been proven to be able to help others.

What I am going to reveal to you is an incredibly simple, cheap, fast, and effective way to promote CPA offers using well known second tier paid traffic source.

You won’t have to spend $500 on media buys or spend or even spend $0.20 per click. The traffic source I am teaching you about will allow you to generate targeted traffic for as little as $0.01 per click! That means you can send 2500 targeted visitors to your CPA offer for as little as $25! Let’s say your offer pays out a measly $1.50 and you convert at an incredibly low 2%. You would still make $75! I’m not guaranteeing any results or even saying this is typical, but clearly you can see the power and potential of one penny clicks.

So what is this magical traffic source?
This traffic source is none other than 7Search! Now, I know what you may be thinking:
“7Search sucks!”
“It’s all junk traffic!”
“7Search will never work for me!”
Trust me, I’ve seen it all, and I can honestly tell you that 7Search is a goldmine for CPA marketers! It has been around for 15 years and offers a wide array of resources, tools, and targeting options that can boost your campaigns.

This is the most misunderstood traffic source on the Internet, and a vast majority of you have been using it all wrong!

I have partnered up with fellow CPA expert John Parry (founder of one of the biggest CPA help forums online) to bring you CPA Thunder Strike. This guide dispels all the myths about 7Search and reveals exactly how to use 7Search the right way, which has been able to produce profitable campaigns consistently. Inside you will see:

  • The top 5 niches to target with 7Search (very crucial to your success)
  • How to find massive amounts of high traffic targeted keywords
  • How to spy on your competitors to discover exactly how to launch a successful campaign
  • How to maximize your conversions (powerful information revealed)
  • The secrets to the 7Search bidding system (this will blow your mind)
  • How to properly utilize negative keyword targeting and source filtration to minimize your losses (without this you are dead)
  • How to track, analyze, optimize, and scale your campaigns to profitability

MAKE PASSIVE $2,000-$10,000/month on 100% AUTOPILOT!

Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/766564-free-warrior-special-offer-limited-make-passive-2-000-10-000-month-100-autopilot-newbie-friendly.html

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Green Living PLR

On March 19, 2013, in CPA Stuff, by Billy

Green Living PLR

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Product Price: $49


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The green and eco-friendly market is booming!

And the trend within the market is pointing steadily upward. Take a look at a few of these powerful numbers…

  • 93 per cent of the world’s top chief executives see sustainability as important to their company’s future success. (Source Article)
  • The U.S. market for “green” (eco-friendly) cleaning products—including household surface cleaners and laundry products—to total retail sales of $640 million in 2011, up from $303 million in 2007, for a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20%
  • Correspondingly, 41% of respondents to an online Packaged Facts consumer survey conducted in August 2012 indicated that they had purchased or used natural, organic, or eco-friendly household cleaning/laundry products within the previous 12 months, up from 38% in February 2009.
  • (Previous 2 stats from this source article)
  • Global sales from clean energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal power and biofuels could grow to as much as $1 trillion a year by 2030, U.S. bank Morgan Stanley has estimated.(Source Article)
  • U.S. demand for green building materials — products that contribute to LEED certification — is expected to reach $70 billion by 2015, according to an updated study by The Freedonia Group. (Source Article)
  • The global market for household green cleaning products is forecast to reach US$9.32 billion by the year 2017 (Source Article)
  • Consumer spending on healthier, more sustainable products and services continues to surge, from $12 billion in 2007 to $21.5 billion in 2010. The report estimates the Australian market for sustainable goods and services will reach $27 billion by the end of 2012. (Source Article)

When it comes to marketing online, the green/eco friendly Niche is massive and there are dozens of sub- Niche within that will all continue to grow.

If you want to build a brand and gain an audience in this market, you need quality content that delivers timely information. This PLR Package has been designed to do JUST that for you.

Check out the full details…




Value: $1200

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[500+ Sold] WSO of the Day LIVE CPA Case Study – A Currently Live and Profitable Campaign!

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[Over 200 Copies Sold!] Earn $100-$200/Day CPA + YouTube: EASY & NEWBIE FRIENDLY

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Product Price: $12.50


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Guys, I bought this.. I've been doing YouTube for a couple years now..but I have to say this actually DOES have some new stuff in it.. the price for what you get, (including the bonuses) is an absolute STEAL. You WILL rank in YouTube and you WILL make money, and he covers how to keep from being labeled a YouTube spammer. I give two thumbs up.

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[NEW] Got 60 Minutes? POCKET $5k/month in 60 Minutes per Day GUARANTEED!

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Product Price: $9.95


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Costs to launch super successful WSO are very cheap compared to the massive amounts or cash and buyers they can bring in.

The product creation is usually free or dirt cheap, if you use killer salescopy templates (which I recommend) you avoid the cost of a copywriter, so in most cases I spend less than $100 to launch a WSO that will most likely net me $2000+ (while adding 100's... even 1000's of red hot buyers to my email list).

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Moving Server

On October 3, 2012, in CPA Stuff, by jacob

We are moving to the new server,

Within next 2 days, there will be difficult in sending support email.

Please try again later.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


The BEST CJ WordPress Plugin is now even BETTER! [Developer License Included]

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Product Price: $19


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First it will show you how to hand pick prospects who are willing and able to spend money on their website and online marketing efforts.

It then cuts through the clutter by mailing a physical letter package which has been tested and proven to get opened and read.

You receive the complete letter package along with full instructions - so you just fill in the banks to make it look personalized and then send out as many letters as you desire. (be careful... you'll want to limit this to begin due to the high conversion rate.)

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