Crack SENuke XCR 3.1.10

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Crack SENuke XCR 3.1.10

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Crack SENuke XCR

SenukeXCr Version 3.1.10 Release, Released 7/06/2013

Notice of extended testing: This version will go thru extended testing before being released. Just FYI

Ticket 2093: Enhance nuke efficiency for large site lists
Ticket 2624: Fix success rate logging for both new webprofile platforms
Ticket 2646: Set Captcha Sniper timeout based on Default Captcha Timeout
Ticket 2651: Two sites not doing links correctly
Ticket 2652: Wiki sites with PR-1
Ticket 2644: A user has submissions freezing during submissions
Ticket 2643: Senuke Restarting over and over (looping)
Ticket 2649: Disappearing campaigns (optional logging added to trap issue)

Fixed success rates for PDF, PR, Wiki & SN

Plus the usual site fixes/changes/additions

Based off changeset #5431


Step 1) Run setup, click its settings tab, uncheck use 64 bit option and start installation
Step 2) Copy “SENuke” file from “crack” folder and Replace into directory where you have installed senuke by default:
Step 3) Run SENuke.exe, Use Following Registration info and Click “Verify!”


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