Creating Pinfluence

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Creating Pinfluence

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If you’re looking for FREE WEBSITE TRAFFIC — hundreds and thousands of UNIQUE visitors — to visit your website, join your email list, and buy your products and services…then this may be the most important message you read ALL YEAR.

Because you’re about to be one of the first, smart, savvy business owners who take advantage of the INTERNET’S NEWEST TRAFFIC MACHINE — a social network that is unlike Facebook, YouTube or Twitter — that can send hordes of traffic to your website within the next 24 hours! What is it? Pinterest, of course!

Here’s What Pinterest Can Do For Your Business:
  • Instantly improve your SEO results in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Help you market your Business, Products or Services effectively and inexpensively
  • Immediately increase your Followers, Engagement and Interaction
  • Traffic System that works for ANY business (digital products, service industry, product-based businesses)

Introducing… Creating Pinfluence

Creating Pinfluence

 The Most Complete Step-By-Step Video Pinterest Training For Your Product- OR Service-Based Business
Here’s What You Get:

Module 1 - What’s So Special About Pinterest?

  • Why Pinterest could be the next game-changer for your business
  • How to create an EFFECTIVE strategy and why you NEED to do this before you start pinning!
  • Understand the mindset of Pinterest users so you can turn them into paying customers

Module 2 - Getting Started With Pinterest

  • Step-by-step videos showing you how to set up Pinterest’s new business pages
  • How to create boards that magnetize followers like bees to a honey pot
  • 3 easy ways to create your own original content and why you need to!

Module 3 - Creative Board Ideas For Every Business

  • Get 200+ awesome ready-made board ideas to plug into your business in minutes
  • Discover how to set up perfect boards first time, and WHY THIS IS KEY!
  • Learn the #1 trick to creating “sticky” boards that attract thousands of followers

Module 4 - Advanced Pinterest Strategies

  • How to verify your account and why you should!
  • Quick tricks to get MASSIVE exposure and BOOST your SEO – virtually on autopilot
  • How to use Pinterest’s new secret boards

Module 5 - How To Create Pinfluence

  • Share your vision and CAPTIVATE your Pinterest audience
  • How to turn followers into a raving community that buys from you
  • Lead the field in ANY niche – even if you promote services!

Module 6 - How To Grow A Lucrative Following

  • Simple and easy steps to building a massive following – fast!
  • How to use other social networks to grow your Pinterest audience
  • 5 secrets to monetize your new-found Pinfluence

Module 7 - The 10 Top Pinterest Tools

  • Find out which tools can help you create your own original content – in minutes
  • Discover how to measure your influence and keep an eye on your competition
  • Smart ways to monitor your progress and take your pinning to the next level

Module 8 – How To Run Pinterest Contests 

  • Pinterest contests are the HOTTEST way to gain traction and achieve your business goals!
  • Discover how to use contests to build authority, grow a huge following and make tons of sales
  • Learn from the pros! Get inspiration and ideas to set up and run contests that don’t cost the earth

Module 9 - Best Practice From The Pros

  • A sneak peek at the innovative ways top brands are rocking it on Pinterest
  • Copy and paste the strategies of Pinterest “smarties” in your niche
  • Tons of tips and ideas for BOTH product- and service-based businesses

Module 10 – Tracking & Measuring

  • 3 easy ways to track your pins. Just RINSE & REPEAT for exponential growth
  • How to cut out the daily grind and reduce your pinning to just 1 hour a week
  • Discover the free tool that helps you analyze your traffic and results from Pinterest

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