Dan Kennedy – Copywriting Seminar In-A-Box

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I want to give you some real insight to the immense power and value of the strategies Dan teaches and discusses in this Seminar Package. So let me just cite a few examples of his work for various clients:

1. A series of letters that took a company from ½-million to over 1-million a year in sales, AND more than doubled profits.

2. A single ad that has brought in over 5-million dollars.

3. A series of letters that pulled nearly a 50% response rate.

4. A sales letter "package" that pulls a remarkable $4.00 in sales per $1.00 of cost from "cold lists".

5. A letter mailed to just 2,200 people (est. cost about $2,000.00) that brought in over $18,000.00 in profits in 11 days. (By the time this 3-step sequence is through, this client will put at least $45,000.00 in his pocket against costs under $8,000.00.)

Just as Dan was preparing for the Seminar, he got a royalty check for $1,330.50 from a client in Norfolk, Virginia. From her test mailing of a sales letter he wrote for her, to 10,500 of her past customers and leads, she sold (just) 68 "units" (less than 1% response) at $395.00 net profit each.....$26,860.00 profit less about $10,000.00 in mailing costs.....$16,860.00 profit or $1.60 profit for every letter mailed. Now she's mailing a second letter to the 10,432 non-buyers left from that list and rolling the first letter out to another 30,000. When it's all over and done with, she will have made over $120,000.00 from just ONE sales letter. And Dan knew, just as sure as I knew the earth is round, that she would get these kind of results.

Wouldn't you like to be able to create promotions like these -- and be able to predict profits with absolute certainty*? How many letters could you get in the mail this week if you KNEW you'd get back a net profit of $1.60 for each one mailed? Would you like to pick up an easy $100,000.00 or so of extra money two or three times a year?


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