Dan Thies, Leslie Rohde – Link Liberation Version 2.0 Module 4


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What is Link Liberation 2

Now, for those of you who missed out on it in when Link Liberation 2 debuted last Fall, let’s start out with a quick overview. Link Liberation is really all about creating systems for your SEO that free you from the traditional linkbuilding methodology and create instead a self-sustaining system of getting unsolicited links to your site naturally. Link Liberation is run by Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde – two of this industry’s all time SEO greats.

Mike and I have followed Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde for years. They have some of the best SEO minds in the industry and many of the tactics and strategies we practice today come from their teachings – especially their bottom up approach to keyword research. They have been industry leaders for many years and are frequent trend setters in a world of followers. Bottom line is that there are very few SEO people that Mike and I really listen to more than these two.


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