Daniel A. Levis – 5R Web Conversion System

Sale Page: sellingtohumannature.com/5r_system.html

Product Price: $1497


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Dear Marketing Fanatic,
You’re probably expecting the typical sales pitch here about how much money freelance copywriters make …

… Or how a simple 10 minute website change will explode your sales by 988.62% …

And how if you’ll just send away for my bag of copywriting tricks you’ll instantly find yourself living a carefree life in a luxurious seaside beach house complete with championship golf course… Olympic size pool… butlers… maids… and a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce.

Well get ready for a shock — because instead of giving you a lot of BS about “the writer’s life”, I’m going to tear it to shreds. Unmercifully!

Truth be known:

It Wasn’t Until I STOPPED Thinking Of Myself
As A Copy “Writer” That My Income Exploded!


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