David Abingdon – Alchemy Consulting and Deal Making Masterclass

Sale Page: http://www.alchemynet.net/order-now/

Product Price: $1997


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I understand that the program covers:

1.  Fast Track To Success System
2.  The Step-By-Step TALISMAN Consulting & Coaching System
3.  Positioning  As The Expert
4.  The Marketing 101
5.  Client Generation
6.  Deal Making
7.  Joint Venturing
8.  Business Capitalisation
9.  Business Systemisation
10. Advanced Client Acquisition
11. Buying Businesses For No-Money Down, and much more.

I will have access to, and be able to download, the mass of tools, templates, manuals, spreadsheets, presentation, checklists and many other resources.
My massive step-by-step, physical, three volume and 22 module TALISMAN Business Acceleration Consulting System will be shipped to me directly.
I will have access to download and use (for personal use only) the following resources and materials:

  • 40 Training Videos
  • 18 Manuals, Guides and Workbooks
  • 23 Forms, ‘How To’ Sheets & Worksheets
  • 3 Consulting PowerPoint Presentations
  • 3 Client Legal Agreements
  • Spreadsheets
  • Client Generation App
  • And, other Training Videos and Resources as they are made available.

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