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Let me be the first to leave a review but first I want you to know that I quit buying wso’s a long time ago because 95% of them are pure crap. Most of them are just rewritten guides to build a microniche site that covers kw research and all the other common knowlegde thats available for free on this forum.

So why did I buy this wso? I don’t know, sometimes you have a feeling that it could be real. The OP is a fairly new guy to this forums and I kinda liked the fact that there were no testimonials. Purely cause most reviews for products from frequent wso sellers are just fake cause they gave it away in the warroom and people would’ve felt bad to leave a negative review cause they didn’t had to pay for it and are hoping for more freebie’s in the future. Pretty pathetic but it’s the truth.

Okay enough ranting about other wso’s so time to focus on this one.

Three words: “I LOVE IT”


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