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Product: Digi Social Squeeze 1.1 Crack Download - FULL Version Licence Key

Website: http://www.digisocialsqueeze.com/

Price: $97


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Revealed! The WordPress plugin that makes your list bigger, better and more responsive…

How you can use the same trick to make $400 offline for a few minutes’ work…

(and how this is all thanks to an offline guy named Bob)

Digi Social Squeeze lets you:

  • Stop losing money with sub-standard squeeze page templates: If you invest in this plugin, you shouldn’t need to invest more in a designer. Digi Social Squeeze comes prepackaged with 6 tested, professionally designed, high-converting squeeze page templates. It cost $850 to get these squeeze pages designed, but you get them built in to the plugin.
  • Set up a social squeeze page in minutes: The templates are ready and waiting… all you need to do is add the content. And even that’s been made as simple as possible with the 100% WYSIWYG editor… you just type, and let WordPress take care of the tech.
  • Build in the awesome power of one-click subscription to send your opt-in rates through the roof: When you’re making it this simple, your prospects won’t be able to resist opting in!
  • Make more money from your list… doing exactly what you’re doing now: This isn’t just any e-mail address… it’s the e-mail address your prospects regularly check for news and updates. That means more opens, more clicks and more sales.
  • Drag your prospects on to your list with killer videos: In a niche where video attracts opt-ins like moths to a flame? In that case you’ll want one of the 3 ready-made video squeeze-page templates… already proven high-conversion, in your hands they’ll be unstoppable!
  • Take care of all the legal headaches with a couple of clicks: You’ll need a privacy policy to integrate your squeeze page, but once again Digi Social Squeeze has your back. Just a couple of clicks will generate a page and template privacy policy… all you need to do is add your name.
  • Gain the trust of your prospects by hijacking Facebook’s credibility: Facebook is familiar and familiar means safe… and now you can take advantage! Break down the barriers to opting in using Facebook’s implied credibility, and watch your subscription rate soar.

So who is social squeezing good for?

Social squeezing can work for anyone trying to build a list, but it’s particularly good if you:

  • Are an internet entrepreneur: you get to contact your customers using the same address their friends and family use
  • Are an affiliate marketer: build better-converting lists to put more money in your pocket
  • Are an offline business (or sell to offline businesses): no more expensive direct mail… you’ll be able to send e-mails your prospects are guaranteed to look at

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