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Product:  Digi Traffic Mulitplier 1.5.2 Crack Download - FULL Version Licence Key

Website: http://www.digitrafficmultiplier.com/

Price: $97


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Revealed: the new blogging trick that will flood
your site with targeted traffic…
(…and why it knocks autoblogging into the dirt!)

Digi Traffic Multiplier is created by Andy Fletcher. It is a WordPress plugin that represents the next generation of what is known as "AUTOBLOGGING", the process of populating a blog site with content on automatic pilot.

Digi Traffic Multiplier represents the next generation of Autoblogging tools to enable us to build a profit-pulling WordPress site on autopilot.

Digi Traffic Multiplier is a smart autoblogging tool that ensures that all of the content which is added to our blog is 100% targeted for our perfect audience and completely "white hat" method.

Digi Traffic Multiplier uses Yahoo Answer as a source of its autoblogging process. It will make every article FULLY search engine optimized too.

What Digi Traffic Multiplier does for you:

With the DTM working for you, you’ll be able to:

  • 1. Update your blog with targeted content whenever you want… with no effort! Want a new, targeted post every day, 7 days a week? Of course you do, because new content means new traffic! You give the command and the DTM takes over… posting targeted content directly relevant to your niche… on complete autopilot.
  • 2. Arm yourself with the next generation of content-creation weaponry: old-style autoblogging fills your blog with low-quality content in the hope some of it might work. The DTM works with the precision of a military sniper. A unique algorithm works out the keywords your traffic will be using and generates content directly relevant to them… making every piece a direct hit!
  • 3. Create a conversation that everyone will want to join: it’s a fact that people relate better to content if they feel a personal connection. The DTM comes with a bank of stock images… all with full permission to use alongside quotes and posts… and will automatically post them with the content to give your blog that personal touch.
  • 4. Post targeted content at any level: want something for the front-page? Or maybe a post buried in a sub-page… attracting traffic without disturbing your regular readers? Whichever you need, the DTM does it for you with the click of a button.
  • 5. Maximise your exposure to Google with complete on-page SEO: you know that if Google doesn’t notice you, your blog is just a waste of cyberspace. The DTM automatically optimises every bit of content it generates, practically forcing search engines to pay attention!
  • 6. Use A-grade software for a bargain-basement price: The DTM hasn’t just been hacked together like some other WordPress plugins… I made sure it was engineered by a professional programming team so I knew it was a weapons-grade product. Expensive? Yes it was, but the traffic I’m getting now means it was well worth it… and that’s why you’re far smarter than I am… you waited for me to put in the investment so you can buy it for a fraction of what it cost me to develop!

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