[Discount] Kindle Formatting Formula + Free MS Word & Open Office Kindle Templates. Proofs Inside!

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You get Complete Details of the 7-Quick Step Kindle Formatting Formula:

7QT: 7 Quick Tips on How To Prepare Your Document

6M: 6 Must in a Professional Kindle Book

TOC: 2 Quick Steps to Create Clickable Table Of Contents

KPS: 3 Quick Steps to set up Kindle Page Size

HTML: Easy Step to get HTML File

PRC: 4 Quick Steps to Build a Kindle Book in PRC Format

KDP: Uploading Kindle Book onto Kindle Direct Publishing Platform

· All the Easy Steps are laid out for you in screenshots

· No more frustrations with formatting issues

· No more time wasted on the nitty gritty issues by learning some Great Formatting Tips

· No more rejections from Amazon

· No more high outsourcing fees to get your KKB books formatted

· Your Kindle Book is going to look great for all your buyers

· Your Kindle buyers are going to have excellent experience that they will want to continue buying your KKB books again and again.

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