Discover How To Beat Google “Search Plus Your World” In 2012!

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I bought the previous edition of this WSO and it was one of my best purchases at the Warrior Forum, ever. I know I earned at least 10x the price of that WSO, just in the first couple of months of applying Simon’s superb advice.

Tip: Watch his videos multiple times. Sometimes, he’ll say something as an aside, very casually. It’s usually something you don’t have to know, but it’s almost always an incredibly useful, valuable insight.

I won’t pretend I agree with Simon on all points. (Well, I don’t agree with anyone on all points, not even my husband! )

However, I think I’ve bought almost everything Simon has offered as a WSO, and I’ve always been glad I did. Generally, his products are worth 10x – 100x the selling price.

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