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Organize your users

Create unlimited lists of users, it’s simple like adding a post category. Add users and assign them to one or many categories.

Find and manage them fastly filtering by category or searching by name. Export the entire users list or just few categories in Excel or CSV format.

User private page

With PrivateContent every user has an own private page. Upload file, show galleries or texts. It’s like a normal wordpress page, but it’s visible only by one user! And if you don’t want to create a dedicated page for some users? It’s very easy: adding or managing users you cal also disable it!

Try the private page in the live preview

Protect your private contents

The plugin comes with an integrated shortcode wizard that allow you to hide private contents. It’s extremely simple and you can also hide more than one content for page or post.

You can also hide all the posts contents of one or more categories. PrivateContent add an option to the “Category” taxonomy that made it simple. Just select the users categories that can access the category posts content. Categories and archive excerpt will remain visible, but every single post content will be hidden to non-logged users.


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