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Dear Fellow WordPress Marketer,

You may find that statement hard to believe, especially considering the bold statements made by many marketers lately regarding "True Pushbutton Solutions".

Too many times, we get emails saying "Push Button This", "Heres Your Free Blog", "Heres Your 20 Free MoneyMaking Websites, Just Push A Button".


It's Discouraging That These Other So-Called "Solutions"
Are Not Truly Push Button.

But, if you take a look at the video below, you can see we have ABSOLUTE VIDEO PROOF that this Brand-New WordPress Plugin works as described.

Listen, we know that you already understand the power a WordPress blog holds for marketing your business online, so we won't rehash that here.

Instead, we just want to show you what we believe is the most user friendly, point and click simple way to clone (make an exact copy of) your WordPress blogs, and so much more...

Take a look at what this powerful new WordPress Plugin Can and will do for you.

  • It WILL Clone Your Blog With The Push of a Button
  • It WILL Install an Exact Copy of Your WordPress Blog to Any cPanel Powered Domain.
  • It WILL Install AND Activate Your Theme on Your New Blog
  • It WILL Install AND Activate ALL of Your Plugins on Your New Blog
  • It WILL Edit and Activate Your Permalink Structure, For You.
  • It WILL Copy, Edit, and Activate EVERY Setting Exactly as it Exists on the Blog You Are Cloning.
  • It WILL Copy ALL of Your Blog Content to Your New Blog.
  • It WILL Do All That And So Much More...

Not only is this WordPress Plugin insanely easy to install, learn and use, you can do so much with it.

It CAN Be Used To Instantly And Absolutely Clone ANY Of Your WordPress Blogs.

  • It CAN be Used to Create a TOTAL AND COMPLETE Backup Of ANY Of Your WordPress Blogs ( Including ALL Content and DB Information )
  • It CAN Even Make You Anywhere From $50 Bucks to Even $300 Bucks If You Use It Correctly ( More on that inside )
  • It CAN Be Used 1 Time or 300 Times, Theres No Limit and No Extra Licensing Fees or Any of That Mumbo Jumbo
  • It CAN Do All This and So Much More...
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