Forex Hijacker

On October 20, 2011, in Forex, by Kevin

Forex Hijacker

Value: $450

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Dear Friend,

There’s nothing ‘random’ about it…

Every day global banking institutions herd traders into a corner, engineer a frenzy and then fleece them for everything they’ve got as they panic buy/sell.

It’s a cold, calculated move and it makes them billions.

Now you can sit back and let them carry on using these bullyboy tactics for their own gain… OR you can take action today and start claiming your share.

My conservative estimate is that you could make £4,068 a month from this.

That’s following the basic trades I’ll email you first thing in the morning, showing you when and where to place your levels.

I do all the actual ‘work’ for you.

I’ll analyse the market in advance and spot where the Market Makers are likely to engineer their next profit frenzy.


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