Forex Pip Taker – New Generation Swing Trading System That Takes Hundreds of Pips At a Time

Value: $77

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Are you tired of scalping 10 pips here and 10 pips there? Are you tired of starring at your screen 8 to 10 hours a day? Are you tired of “stressing yourself out” only to make a few pips a day if you’re lucky?

If you answered YES – then you’re amongst thousands of other traders in the same situation.

It’s a statistical fact that most traders try and scalp the 1 minute time frame, and day after day end up losing more than they win. Why does the 1 minute time frame attract so many traders? Because they think that higher time frames will create more risk resulting in bigger losses. When in reality, it’s the exact opposite. In fact, it makes much more sense to try and make 300 pips on a single trade than to try and make 10 pips.

You see, trading the 1 minute time frame is like trying to trade on a rollercoaster ride! You have all those ups and downs…called noise, that in the end – will cause YOU to lose trade after trade! Why? Because 90% of the time you’ll be trading against the trend, and the worst part is – you won’t even realize it because it’s virtually impossible to see what the actual trend is on a noisy one minute time frame.


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