Frank Kern – Behind the scenes look of the Kern marketing empire

Value: $19


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Love him or hate him, you have to admire Frank Kern. Kern has quickly become an internet marketing legend. And he’s got millions of reasons why you should pay close attention to him (as he has millions in the bank).

But let’s be honest… Kern’s how-to guides are good – but the way he sells us is AMAZING. And when you apply the same selling skills on your prospects, you’re going to see more money in your bank account…

…So I invited “Doberman” Dan Gallapoo to join me and record a blow-by-blow analysis of Frank Kern’s marketing strategies and tactics. I also invited Tim Adams to join us as well… he got “suckered” into paying Kern $97.00 to hear a 60-minute sale pitch (and he took EXTENSIVE notes for our advantage)


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