Frank Kern: Promotional Strategies Class – MC 2.0 Hard Rock 2009

Value: $997

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1. Eight “Totally Swipable” Promotional Strategies That Have Made Frank And His High level Clients A Shit Load Of Money.

I’ll be teaching you this over the course of four weeks. Each week you’ll get two of these cut-n-paste type promos where I’ll

Walk you through how they work. Tell you exactly what to do through each step.

Give you my proven swipe files that have worked like crazy for me. Show you how to modify them for different business types.

This whole thing is designed so you can watch me show you how it works, tweak the swipe files, hit “send”, and see results.

No theory, no fluff, just down and dirty money-getting promo strategies that kick ass.

But don’t use them by themselves. If you want to really crush it, combine them with…

2. Three Proven Offer Strategies That Shoot Your Profit Per Customer Through The Roof!

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