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Do you ever feel like you’re ramming your head against a brick wall? You know there are people making thousands or even millions on the other side. You listen to the gurus, read the eBooks, watch the videos and do what they say – yet the cash never seems to actually land in your bank account.

I know what that’s like. I was stuck in “Beginner’s Hell” for over three years. I started 17 different websites and all of them failed miserably.

Any marketing tactic you can name, I’ve probably tried.

I’ve tried to make money by …

PPV affiliate promotions
AdWords affiliate promotions
Many, many SEO attempts
Failed AdSense websites
Failed YouTube traffic strategies
CPA promotions that never went anywhere
On and on and on …

Needless to say, I never made any real money with them. I knew I was capable of it, but I just couldn’t quite crack the code.


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