Product: GEO Press – The WordPress Plugin You Didn’t Even Know You Needed


Price: $347


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Wow! What a time saver. I just added the KML information to 11 of my clients’ Google Places sites, and this plugin made it so easy. There are many steps to optimizing Google Places, and this plugin makes the onsite part a snap. Plus, it makes it a lot less likely to make mistakes. I used to create the file by hand, entering the information into the xml code. I was having trouble ranking one client on Google Places, and after 2 months discovered I had entered the wrong address and coordinates into the xml file! This plug-in takes out the margin of error when coding by hand.

I believe that the easier you make it for Google, the quicker they will rank your site. Many people leave out the important step of setting up a KML file for Google Places or Maps. Now, I am going to try the widget that comes with the plugin that automatically creates the address information with all the html that Google likes in their vcard format. . . again, another timesaver as I won’t be needing to manually code it.

If you are in the business of getting companies ranked on Google Places, be sure to add this valuable tool to your arsenal.

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